I have lost my ever-lovin' mind.

  1. So yesterday, I finally ordered the gorgeous Ocean Day with GSH. SO excited as this is a gorgeous bag.

    Then today, I got a response regarding the Vert Gazon Day I had been so desperately seeking. WITH GGH, a wonderful tPFer had found me one in Chicago! So I called anxiously, and sure enough- exactly what I wanted!

    So I ordered that too.

    LOL- have seriously got to stop. But I don't really want to...... ;)
  2. OMG, you'll have one each of silver and gold. Mind, schmind! :lol:
  3. Congrats!! Cant wait for ocean pics. Me thinks i need a vert gazon too. (lol)
  4. You did the right thing getting both:yes:!! I LOVE both of those bags, with a burning, singeing, smoldering passion!!! Can't wait to see picspicspics!!
  5. Oh wow thats cool... we are all guilty of it! They always seem to come in twos or even threes for me!!

  6. :yes::supacool:
  7. You have so NOT lost your mind. Pics please!
  8. I'm excited that you were able to find the VG GH Day.
  9. Maybe we could all chip in for an RV and live in that!! At least that would be bigger than my car which is where I am headed!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. You know, the sad thing is that I read this post and thought, "Oooooh, an RV! It would be great to own a Rouge Vif!"

    But then I couldn't figure out how we could all live in one.... :roflmfao:
  11. You guys crack me up...:roflmfao:...Yup..I can totally relate to the coming in "twos or threes".... I just splurged on 2 myself and want a 3rd (so what's with this coming in multiples stuff :wtf:). Guess what I was doing this morning?...Letting go of some of my LV collection to a local contact. I had the goods in my car. We were wheeling and dealing in a parking lot...I felt like a drug addict:ninja:. "Want some goodies?" .... to keep up my habit.:nuts:

    Congrats aerynna ....they sound like great pieces you'll just :love:.
  12. When it rains Bbags, it pours Bbags ;)
    You did the right thing - if you've been looking for something and it pops up, I think the thing to do is get it, and then decide whether or not to keep once you receive it. Thankfully, Bbags hold their value pretty well, and in most cases you can recover what you paid :yes:
    Insane? pragmatic? all of the above :okay:
  13. I can absolutely relate! I am currently waiting for my HG BI Purse and am starting to crave BG Pink!!:love: So either we have both lost our minds or we're normal!:roflmfao:
  14. Sounds like.... we all suffer from b-Bag-ness lately.. you are not alone..... I feel the same waaaayyy :balloon:
  15. LOL!!! That is too funny! :roflmfao::roflmfao: