i have kind of an odd questions about the stam

  1. i just got my black stam, i'm so excited! i've been carrying it for about a week and have gotten SO many compliments on it (even some of the guys at work have been like 'wow...that thing is cool looking...'). i wonder, though, with the huge chain, can i take it on a plane? would airport security consider that suspicious or weapon-like? i feel like they might. has anyone here taken theirs on a plane? did you get any kind of hassle about it? i'm not planning to at any specific time, but it'd be good to know.
  2. Why not just take the chain off during the trip and save you the possible trouble.
  3. I am planning to use my Hobo Stam when traveling next week, should I take the chain off? any issue with airport security regarding the 'Chain'?? thanks
  4. I would take it off. Why deal with the headaches? If you want the chain on the bag after you land, pack it in your checked baggage. I'd just leave it at home if it were me though.
  5. ^ I agree, I would put it in my checked baggage to be safe... hope you have a safe journey!