I have just seen the most beautiful bag...

  1. A Carrie Valentine "relaxed chic".
    Isn't it absolutely fantastic.
    Does anyone know where to buy it online, preferably in Europe?
  2. I'll try again getting the picture in
  3. Ooh, I like it too! Any other colors?
  4. I believe that it is also available in black.
  5. Very nice. :yes:

    I like the variegated colour. :biggrin:
  6. looks like a great bag...
  7. I like it,too. How did you find it?
  8. Sorry, I don't like this style at all.
  9. Very slouchy... :nuts:
  10. I saw it in a Danish magazine - I believe that it was a picture of Jennifer Biel wearing it.
  11. oh, what a cute bag :smile: