I have just seen the light.....

  1. And realised just how lovely the purple mabel really is :love:

    After not really 'getting' the hype about this bag, Ive just seen this on eBay (not sure about authenticity, just looking at colour & style); http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Authentic-Mulberry-Medium-Midnight-Mabel-RECEIPT_W0QQitemZ290208472932QQihZ019QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    and totally fell for this colour :love:

    Not that I can afford one now anyway, and I understand that this colour is not current season, is that right?

    Do they pop up at the outlets?
  2. She`s asking a hell of a lot for her bag I only paid £412 (I think) for mine from Shepton Mallet last october.

    So yes they do pop up at the outlets..Its not current season and I always think of purple as a autumn/winter colour- don`t know why??
  3. Yes I'd probably say it is more autum/winter. I'll add it to my list for autumn!
  4. I would love that bag!!
    £412 at the outlet...how jealous am I????
  5. I reckon there'll be more purples appearing now at the outlets as it'll be a previous season colour.
  6. I anyone does see one at an Outlet, please think of me and post on TPF straight away to let me know. :yes:
  7. Ooooooh I want one but I cannot afford one.. :crybaby:
  8. I know they are great, it's really grown on me.
    It's so hard to tell the genuine ones on eBay as there are so many fakes!!
    Will also watch out at the outlets
  9. Going to Shepton on March 17 with TropicalGal so we'll do a commando swoop & note down all the hot bags they have & prices & report back. Then again, TG might buy them all!!
  10. Thanks sarajane, looking forward to hearing what they have. I dont live anywhere near any of the outlets so never get to go 'just to have a look'. Its just not the same phoning up is it?!
  11. Ha, but that's why you need us as personal shoppers! I know it's not the same as seeing for yourself but you know we'd find you a beauty if you were looking for anything in particular.
    I'm fully expecting to go with a great long wish list from all the Mulberry gals & that's just fine.
    So if you really want a purple Mabel, let me know & I'll look for you.
  12. ^^^^ And a red one!!! LOL, my list is endless....................
  13. I can imagine you both. Sharp-eyed like radars, combat style clothing, strategically working your way through the building:ninja::ninja:... You won´t miss the tiniest detail! Have fun! And if TG buys ALL the bags what a great Catwalk-thread it will be!!!
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I`m seeing this image too !!!
  15. Thanks sarajane, it would be lovely but i cant afford it at the moment (where am I going wrong? :s Must get a better job :lol:)... still it is something to look forward to eh?!