I have jury duty right now...

  1. This seems like an odd place to be right now, sitting in a room waiting to see what happens. Thankfully, I brought my laptop and I am on tPF....anyone else been a juror lately?
  2. I was postponed till APRIL......UGH....NOT looking forward to it..hehe,good idea to bring laptop!
  3. Urgh I had to do it a while back. So much waiting. I had pink hair at the time, so I knew that just by looking at me they wouldn't pick me.

    One lawyer asked me if I was Republican or Democrat (in different terms, I think they're not allowed to flat out ask)
    and I said I saw fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

    He responded with "Did you learn to say that from your husband?"

    WHAT NERVE!! :cursing:

    LOL anyways it's a complete bore-fest, good luck!
  4. I got a letter (or really my parents got it) for Ohio, but I"m all the way in Cali now so I hope they don't expect me to show up. I tried calling the number they gave, but it was automated and all it had was jury instructions :sad: Do you want to be picked for it?
  5. ^^^ well if you want to get out of it - write them a lovely note - perfume would be a nice touch - thanking them for the invitation, and say that you have been waiting a long time to help the wonderful police with their work and put a few more criminals behind bars.
  6. mewlicious- what a totally uncalled for comment, I would've been furious too!

    chinadoll- No, I don't want to picked right now. I would love to serve as a juror at a different time...right now is not very good for me.

    treesrgreen- great answer....my hubby is a police officer so, hopefully they won't want me anyway!

    I am still waiting and hoping to be dismissed!!! :confused1:
    Wish me luck. Oh and I totally messed up one of the board games, my battery went dead...
  7. I am hoping I don't get called for jury duty any time soon. My understanding is that they don't really dismiss people as easily as they used to around here. I've met several attorneys who had to do jury duty.
  8. Done it twice! Both times got elected ForePerson as well. One was a DUI/Hit and Run, the second was a civil case where the woman blamed a Cal Trans (California Transportation) guy of not having enough warning equipment going, therefor she rammed into his rear end, almost killing her son. (She lost by the way.)

    It's a very, VERY educational proccess and I suggest everyone who can do it do it at least once.
  9. i sat on 2 juries in the philadelphia suburbs: one was teens running/hiding from the cops after stealing a car. the other was an assault charge between feuding neighbors. been called 3 times in Atlanta and almost served on a divorce case where the doctor hubbie was hiding a$$et$.: but they settled out of court right after they sat the jury. like speedy said it is a real learning experience. people are fascinating.
  10. i've never been called, but i know someone who was and when they got to court the case was about a crime that had happened in her house before she had purchased it! small world. needless to say, she was excused from the case.
  11. Aaaagggghhhh! I may have to log off, I have never made so many mistakes in my posts. I am so tired of sitting here, I have a headache and I don't feel comfortable in this darn jury room anymore. :wacko:
  12. Jury duty was fun. Well except the first day when u had to get there at 8am...and listen to the person in charge explained how to fill out the paper work like i'm some kind of blind idiot. And then waiting...but if you get selected its actually not bad. You're asked stupid question in the courtroom but it sure as hell beats work! You arrive for court at 11am, lunch at 12 for an hhour and half and then leave at 3pm.
  13. I became a citizen in December so now i have to go to jury duty whenever they ask me to!!!
    I wish there was an alternative..
  14. Did it last month...took 3 days. On the third day the judge said "this isn't a verdict a jury should have to make" and made the verdict himself. We were all like WTF??? Why did we sit here for 3 days?? :cursing:

    It was kind of a neat experience though. I don't know how lawyers keep track of all their exhibits in a trial.