I have in my cart...

  1. Hi ladies, I found a gorgeous Metropolis black patent tote (not croc embossed, but plain) on Bluefly ($692!) and put it in my cart. Unfortunately I can't get it right now, but if someone wants it, PM me and I'll release it (I also have a $30 off code).:tup:
  2. I say go for it. Do you know the croc-embossed Tribute is waitlisted on NM and Saks online until 2008?
  3. Such an enabler, you!! I just can't...must resist!!!
  4. HAHAHA!!! Just sharing the love sister, just sharing the love!
  5. What does it look like?
  6. It looks like the croc-embossed Tribute, except without the croc embossing, lol.
  7. Oh, that's right! I remember now! Gosh, that's tempting...