I have holes in my French Wallet - is it okay to exchange it?

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  1. Help! I have this not-straight line of holes that are visible on my Damier Ebony French purse. It's near the clasp thing. I just saw them just then - I didn't do it! It looks like stitching holes!

    I only got this wallet a few weeks ago. Would LV allow me to exchange it? Would they consider it a manufacturing flaw? The wallet (besides that flaw) is in perfect condition!

    Help please! Thank you all in advance!
  2. The best way to find out is to call LV or take the wallet into the store and ask for advice. Good luck! :tup:
  3. Agree ! You should take it to the store and ask the SA about it. Good luck :P
  4. Oh wow. What a bummer. Yes, I'd try to take it back and see what they say....let us know what happens!
  5. I'd definitely take it to the LV Boutique so they can see it... I hope they'll exchange it for you!!
  6. I'd definitely take it back to the boutique. BTW, can you post pics of the damage?
  7. HI there!

    Thank you everyone - I will go back to LV on Saturday. I really hope they will exchange it for me because it annoys me so much I've stopped using it although I love it!

    kimalee, here are a couple pics of the holes. THey are approx. 5.5cm+ of them... :crybaby:

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  8. I'm glad you're going to the boutique, much better than phoning. Try to find the same SA when you're there. I can't imagine there would be a problem. It's just a reminder to all of us to examine the product before it's packaged.
    Best of luck!:smile:
  9. opps! that's terrible. you definitely have to bring back to LV store and ask them. insist for an exchange. i wont accept such flaw. :tdown:
  11. bring everything to the store. most importantly is the invoice! :smile:

    sometimes, i also tried to accept the flaws but i just cant force myself to accept! i definitely need to do an exchange otherwise i cant sleep! :wlae:

  12. LV Bags Lover, thank you! I will bring everything. THanks for letting me know...

    I know how you feel! If I don't exchange this i don't think I will be able to sleep either!

    Has anyone else had these kind of holes in their wallets or bags? Just curious... :smile:
  13. Wow, that is a flaw I wouldn't accept either.

    I'm sure they'd let you exchange it since it's not something that is reparable or something you could have done yourself to the wallet.
  14. cola262, Thanks! :smile:

    I can't wait until Saturday! I will be going tomorrow! Wish me luck! :smile:

    Will let you guys know how it goes.... :smile:

  15. since you bought it just a few weeks ago then they should be able to exchange for you. you're allowed to exchange within one month (stated below the invoice). good luck! :tup: