I have heard the cherries rub off does the monogram ever do this too?

  1. I have heard the cherries rub off does the monogram ever do this too?
  2. I've seen bags where the MC mono has rubbed off. I haven't noticed regular mono but I'm sure it does.
  3. The cherries are screen printed on so they can definitely come off, but I don't believe the mono isn't done in the same way.

  4. Yikes I hope not because that would suck!
  5. i dont think it will ever rub off... becuase i've seen bags that are about a decade old, and it still looks good..
  6. It does happens on monogram as shown but not as easily as the Cerises / Panda. ;)
  7. yep.....my old little agenda is doing it, i just noticed a few days ago.:wtf: not as bad as my cerieses wallet.....i used it about 5 times and 5-6 of cherries have holes in their cute faces!!! yikes....!:cursing: :roflmfao:
  8. I've never noticed any of the monogram rubbing off on my purses/ accessories. How does that happen? Do you have to rub hard for them to come off??
  9. :wtf: That is awful!! I would be soooo mad. It's too bad it's discontinued, and you can't get an exchange :crybaby:
  10. The MCs, cherries, Graffiti and Mono rubs off. Even the damier does. *Sob* I just noticed fading of the damier on my billfold where the snap button is...
  11. Now that I've seen a closeup of Lee's pic, I want to go home and check out my bag now :s
  12. So the coated canvas does not prevent this from happening?
  13. Darn it. You know for the prices of these things I would hope they would take care to make these things somewhat disaster proof. I mean anything can scratch, fade or tarnish after many years. But it's a shame that the Cerise line is so fragile
  14. So on the Damier line the checks stay but the writing (Loius Vuitton) can come off?
  15. I've never experience rubbing on any of mine mono, ceries, MC, Damier. I know it happens though.