I have half an hour....What do you folks think..

  1. So,
    I know this beauty is real....
    but I'm not sure what the purse is called.
    Is it worth getting (ie. practical/functional)? Does anyone have this purse at all.
    I'll be able to get it for around $170.
    Any advice would be awesome!
    Thanks in advance :biggrin:
    oh yes...the photos
  2. I like it, I think it's pretty practical, and if you can get for that cheap, I'd say go for it.
  3. it's a great looking bag... and if you don't mind me asking, how in the world can you get it for that cheap!?
  4. That sounds way too cheap. Did you post it in the Authenticate this thread?
  5. hey guys..

    I did buy it off of authenticforum.com from a girl who said she did get it authenticated from someone really knowledgeable about fendi.
    But, perhaps I should double check in the authenticate this forum as an extra measure. Thanks kavnadoo for your concern!

    I suppose I should have started off saying that I'm def a newbie to Fendi = this is actually going to be my first purse!
    I try to be careful about authenticity, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for help in that regard. The people on this forum are fantastic support!

    Thanks to all who responded to my posting. Feedback is so helpful.