I have HAD it with THAT WOMAN....

  1. .....My darling fiancé’s EX wife :mad: ... Really I have tried to be friendly, I have tried to be cordial, I have even SACRIFICED my personal comfort and happiness in order to prevent my step-son from getting his feelings hurt (she is his mother after all, although that's not his fault, he didn't chose to be born of a harpy...) BUT THIS was.... IT, I finally lost my breeding and composure with this....:censor: .....Absolute and utter greened- skinned -apple -toting - broom-riding witch of my nightmares!!
    I didn’t get up in arms when she barged into our home unannounced at 830am and started cleaning my tub, and criticizing my home-making skills. I didn’t throw a fit then, merely changed the locks on the house. I didn’t even bat and eyelash when she invited herself... her then boyfriend , his daughter and her 2 yr old to my unchildproof home for a party she was neither informed of nor invited to , proceeded to tell my guests that SHE was the one who found the home, SHE would do this and that to the house instead of my choices, all the wile the daughter of the BF goes about getting pretty plastered on MY BOOZE, and lets the infant run wild, makes no attempt to watch it as it almost drinks a liter of Vodka ...poor kid , must know what he’s stuck living with till he’s 18...I was a lady about it, I simply set off our fire alarm ... so as to end my dinner party ...I did get steamed at her but I just wrote her a nice letter ... from my lawyer's office ... and called her and asked her to please have the decency to leave me alone.
    LAST NIGHT was the last straw....

    She desperately still loves my fiancé, knows she made a mistake, but has tried to force an idea of happiness after she realized he and I were in it for the long haul... she got remarried to a guy she only went on 4 dates with ... popped out 2 spawnlings already (one was the reason for the shotgun wedding, of course after she pulled the “I am a good Christian and would NEVER live in sin like you, we aren’t even having sex before marriage” bit to my face... hummmm who was knocked up and had to RACE to the alter?...)
    It’s not her fault she was brought up poor; you don’t have to have money to have class. It’s not her fault she knew only trailers, power-lines ,Harleys and not her biological father( her mother had it narrowed down to a guy named Bones and a guy named Big T) I do blame her for entrapping my poor sweet darling man those 17 years ago, with a surprise pregnancy(that seems to be the only way she gets men to marry her) they were young and he did the right thing as always, married her, worked two jobs while she sat at home and refused to feed , change or acknowledge the baby, then cheated on him and walked out of him and the baby’s life after a few months, that I blame her for. She has regretted her choice, but that’s the choice she made, seeing us so happy has really sent her into La-la land.
    I am lucky enough to have come from a good family, with morals and means and I don’t consider myself a snob, but there are certain things I will not stand for.....

    Predictably enough she invited herself and husband to a get-together that my Fiance and his family were having at a local restaurant, she shows up I feel the need to quickly make my Margarita disappear and order a fresh one. She proudly announces they have bought a home … 2 blocks from my dear man and I … how … touching. The home was a bit pricy for them … some one I suppose is compensating for spending copious amounts of time in a double wide. No one else in the family can stand her; they are just too gentle to sand up to her, so hooray, she’s going to live down the street…. Woopie. Well she starts in on ME…predictably enough……

    “Oh I hope that it doesn’t make you uncomfortable”

    “Nope” – I reply

    “We are closer to the golf course than you”

    “Well hopefully you can take up the game”

    “You are still stuck in that little house aren’t you? You will never be able to afford a house like ours, it must make you so jealous to know that and that his wife is right down the street, I will always be his first wife and you are just his second choice, stuck in that dingy little house, and he is never going to marry his little whore, that must feel terrible to know your just his Barbie –bimbo and not important to him like I was.”

    …. WELL let’s just say, a girl can only take SOOOOO MUCH. That was it. I really think my eyes turned red and flames came out of my ears….I had let this awful woman have her say for far to long….

    “ I have really finiaily had enough of this abuse from you. Quite frankly, I do not even need to acknowledge some one who is as poorly bred as yourself, not to be arrogant, but I can at least look back on my heritage with pride, coming from a long line of refined individuals who have historically impacted this city in ways that you will never begin to understand. Honestly this is very pompous and forward coming from little Miss White trash USA, whom herself could never get to the alter while not pregnant. Do me a favor, scurry on home and try to believe that you are better than everyone else although your heritage is set atop the backseat of motorcycles with guys named Bones, and tee-shirts from Wal-Mart that say “I’m with stupid”. Don’t ever speak to me again, I have wasted enough time already, because I have Thrown-out shoes worth more than you are, and my handbag collection cost more than what you make in a year. I am sorry that you feel the need to lash out it would be classier if you did not but please just leave me alone, because your getting white trash on my Spy bag. Ciao darling.

    ……….. I can’t tell you how much better I feel.

    Was that too mean?:angel: I'm not evil..not THAT evil.
  2. HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH what did she say afterward??
  3. Being a stepmom/second wife is a serious test of one's sanity. Believe me, I've lived it. My husband and I recently got married after being together nearly a decade. I could write a book about the ex-wife insanity I've endured during that time. You have my sympathy!!!
  4. Her reply was pretty simple ... blank stare and slink out !:lol:
  5. did anyone else hear you??
  6. There is a special place in hell reserved for women like these. :mad:

  7. Thanks for that! I swear girls with good exs in their lives count your blessings!
  8. One of these days I'll post about all the insanity. I am reluctant to do so just because I am afraid no one will believe me! :lol:
  9. You GOOOOO Girl!
  10. Just my best friend , who about died laughing ... I really tried hard not to cause a scene and of course not let my step son hear
  11. Ohh honey ... I have a good start, I can belive anything now ...:yes:
  12. We spend a lot of time being the bigger people. There have been times where I have just CRIED because I am soooo sick of being the bigger person. It was harder earlier on... especially when my brain-dead inlaws could not understand why we did not want the woman who nearly bankrupted my husband invited to HIS family's Christmas dinner!! These people are complete @sstards
  13. Have you ever noticed that when you try to tell people who are not in a situation like this what is going on, and what it's like, they look at you like you are from another planet? :rant: See.... now I'm started.... :lol:
  14. OHHH my god I am right there! She threw a fit because I didnt want her at our Xmas dinner ...she has been at them up untill this past one ... I just put my foot down finnialy...my dear man's famiely was trying to be nice and accomidating b/c she is little billy's mom ... she walked out on the kid when he was an infant... she loses her rights IMHO
  15. OMG!!! You go girl!!!:rochard: