I have got something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. :yahoo:What a day!!!

    I went to Hermes in Selfridges just to look around and there was something on a display!!!

    And now I will post my pictures very soon, as soon as I work out how to do so!!! And write to tell you what happend :yahoo:

    Prada shoes :girlsigh:
  2. Can't wait to see.....Congratulations.
  3. YAY!!!
    Cant wait to see
  4. How can I add pictures??? It doesnt seem to work :push:

    sos. sos. sos...

    Prada shoes
  5. I hope it will work...

    So the first one:

  6. Again:

  7. What I am doing wrong?????????

    I uploaded the picture to the imageshack and then copied the whole link after http//:

    Nicely please help me...

    (desperate) Prada shoes :cursing:
  8. All I ever do is go into the go advanced section, by the reply button below.
    Then, go to manage attachments then Browse (which brings up files on my laptop).
    Then when I get the pics i want, I press upload
    Then you close the little window once its all uploaded.
    Then press submit reply, or you can preview your post first

    And fingers crossed my pics appear. This may a long way to do it. I dont know. I am not that computer savvy!!!!!
  9. Sometimes the pix can be too big and need to be downsized.
  10. OK, no pictures, so the story...:yahoo:

    Apologies for any potential language mistakes but I am a foreigner and it always comes out when I am that emotional :yahoo:

    So as I said before I went to Hermes in Selfridges for the first time just to look around. Before I got there I had seen a very nice pair of YSL heels on sale upstairs so had a huge dylema if I should buy them. Well...
    I went to the shop and immidiately noticed a stunning Kelly on display! A very nice SA came to me and asked if I would like to try it. I said No, NO, NO because I was more interested in Birkin (because of my lifestyle- office, high heels, long hours, laptop and so on.)
    Well, she said, we have just put it on display, it is the only one, it is a very beautiful bag, just have a go. Well, I said, let's have a go. So she brought her gloves, opened a cabinet, showed me the bag, told me to try it on. I said, I would love to have this bag but I needed a Birkin (more). But I would think about it.
    I was thinking about Kelly because I love its shape and simplicity but I just knew that Birkin should be the one.
    I left the shop, called my H2B to tell him about the bag and he immidiately told me to come back to the shop and ask them to put it on hold untill he is back because he would love to buy it for me. Well, so I went to the shop and asked for making a reservation for me but they couldnt do it. So I called him back saying that there was no hope. But what about paying for it via phone? Go and ask. So I did and they agreed. What a relief!
    When they were packing my bag there were people asking for it. I was so lucky!
    I am an official owner of 32 Kelly Etoupe in Togo!
    I have to say that this Hermes boutique is the least pretentious I have ever been to. The staff is just nice and normal. No ou-la-la behaviours. Nothing like that. It was a brilliant experience!
    I still cannot believe that I have got Kelly. I havent planned it, I would never expect to see it on display. I was just very lucky. As you all say it is a question of being at a right place at a right time.

    There is something else I would like to share with you.

    Before I went to Selfridges I went to Hermes at New Bond Street to buy a scarf. I was served by a SA who I know. Well, I used to know. When I was a student, 15 years ago, I worked as a waitress to earn money to be able to travel (and buy clothes). There was a girl in one of the restaurants that I worked in, a total *****, who was very bad to the rest of a staff, stealing our orders. I
  11. Oh WOW!! Congratulations Prada Shoes.
    What an exciting day.
    Etoupe is a great colour, and the Kelly is gorgeous bag.:heart:
    You were definately in the right place at the right time.
    What colour HW has it got?
    I wish we could see your pics. I bet its heavenly.
    Oh, and you got the orange 70cm Omnibus aswell didnt you??
    I bet that looks fab with it, as it has a little etoupe in it.
  12. Apologies, I sent i in the middle of a sentence...

    I remember her very well because she was giving me a hard time. She hasnt changed at all, she looks the same as 15 years ago. I recognized her immidiately. She hasnt recognized me at all. Well, I must look differently now I would think.

    So she was the one who was serving me today. Trying to be very nice.

    World is so small.

    Funny, isn't it?


    Prada shoes.
  13. Dear Raz, thank you for help, I will try to do as suggested.

    Some of the pictures are with "hairy monster". She just couldnt resist...
    Picture 087.jpg Picture 089.jpg Picture 090.jpg Picture 092.jpg Picture 095.jpg
  14. WOW! It seems to work! Raz, thank you again!

    Part 2:
    Picture 096.jpg Picture 097.jpg Picture 098.jpg Picture 099.jpg Picture 100.jpg
  15. And now we have got part 3:
    Picture 101.jpg Picture 102.jpg Picture 103.jpg Picture 105.jpg Picture 106.jpg