I have got my first mulberry ! Reveal time !


May 2, 2014
Hello :wave:
I would like to share with You my first mulberry shopping experience - just a small reveal ;) After so many years , just dreaming of having this bag in my collection ... finally , she is with me :yahoo: I couldn't decide about the colour but eventually I have got one in black. I think this colour will go with most of my outfits .. but saying that I like deer brown too a lot

I managed to get it from the Mulberry Sale although I wanted it with a gold hardware .. but I guess this model would never go on sale .I don't have many silver jewellery therefore I would need to add some more accessories to my collection ..:sneaky:..one day

I agree the price is still very high even with 30 % off However, she seems to be very practical , with so many pocket inside and the leather is sooo soft ... I love the feeling of soft grain leather ! ....

What are your thoughts about a pocket bayswater ? Do you think it is worth it? .. I feel bit guilty that I spent so much money on it ..:-s ..

So there she is .... my little birthday treat ..:whistle: , my first mulberry :



May 30, 2014
Hi can I be cheeky and ask how much you paid ? I've recently purchased a pre loved bay's oak which I darn't use I really wish I'd got a black and I'm loving yours with the pockets because there's not many bay's pockets about I never expected them to be in the sale !!!