I have gone Vichy crazy!

  1. I really adore the Vichy pattern and now in addition to the Downtown, I also have the slingbacks! I absolutely love them although I don't know that I can be as bold as Lily Allen and wear them along with the bag. The only way I would even potentially consider it is with a full black outfit, so I tried it out and took some pics just to see if I could pull it off. I wasn't really planning on that, though, when I purchased them and just thought they would give me another way to work a bit of the pattern into my wardrobe when I'm not carrying my bag. It didn't hurt that they were (very) gently used once and I was able to snag them off of eBay for only $152 (considering they were just my size, it was hard to resist).

    First are some pics of the slingbacks and a couple of them with my Downtown.
    dsc01149.jpg dsc01156.jpg dsc01153.jpg dsc01157.jpg dsc01171.jpg
  2. WOW shazam,:nuts: they are gorgeous. :drool:You have the Vichy that i want, i am so jealous.:graucho: Enjoy them.:wlae:
  3. What a great find! I sooooooooo want the vichy downtown, but it's all sold out :crybaby:.
  4. And here I'm attaching a pic of myself trying the bag with the shoes. What do you think? Can I get away with this once it a while or does it just look too ridiculous? I wear all of my pants long, so I actually hiked them up a tiny bit here so you could clearly see the shoes. Normally there would just a bit of the shoe peeking out of the front when I'm standing/walking.

    I've also added a picture with black shoes for comparison. I walk everywhere so the Vichy slingbacks are going to have to be more of a weekend or going-out shoe for me than an everyday shoe, so I don't even know how often I'd be in a position to want to wear them when I'm carrying the bag but I figured I would just establish from the get-go whether I can or not.

    I apologize for the mirror, I had no idea it needed cleaning so badly until I saw these pics!
    dsc01188.jpg dsc01173.jpg
  5. Thanks, guys! I'm really happy with my find and couldn't believe I stumbled across them in my size in the non-platform version (I'm not good with platforms). I know they were worn once, but I was still expecting the auction to go higher since they retail for $640. I felt super lucky when I won them! :wlae:
  6. Shazam the shoes look great with your bag. :yes:I like it. :tup:
  7. They look great!! Both with or without the bag.
  8. Gah!! Lucky you! I've been after the flats to match mine but can't justify the $450 for them, hehe

  9. I completely understand you, Shazam!!! :yes:

    I have been tempted to get similar flats, like the ones Sammy shows above, but was not sure if it would be too much Vichy patern.

    I absolutely love, love, love your slingbacks! :tup:

    They are gorgeous and look great with your bag!

    And what a great deal! :woohoo:
  10. OMG what a wonderful find! The shoes look great on you. I'm personally not a huge fan of matching everything, but in the modeling pics you've posted I think you can pull it off very nicely. Congrats again!
  11. ooh vichy hottness!
  12. I love the Vichy. Those flats are adorable - I hadn't seen those before.
  13. Thanks, everyone! sammy, I was eyeing the Holly flats, too, at Saks and thinking how cute they'd be for everyday. They also have the reverse version, black with a Vichy appliqué, on Bluefly (I attached a pic) which I'm guessing are the ones you were looking at, gr8heart. I believe the flats are made with a coated cotton version of the print, so I wonder if that would make them resistant to color transfer from denim (for the full Vichy version) or at least easy to clean if there is color transfer. The slingbacks are made with the same horsehair fabrication as the Downtown panels, so who knows what will happen if I wear them with jeans.

    Since the peep toe is a very small opening, I was thinking I might try them with opaque black tights and a black skirt, too. Oh, the possibilities! :graucho:
  14. I think that's a cute look with the all black outfit! love it!
  15. so pretty, congrats! :biggrin: