I have gone Matinee crazy: meet cream/white patent Mattie!!!

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  1. Just got her from Funky La La on sale and 15% off extra cause it was the floor model!!!
    Now I just need my light gray to make my Mattie collection complete :smile:

    Pic borrowed from Funky until she gets here...

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on a beautiful bag and a great deal!
    I wish I were less clumsy, there's been so many good deals on really fab white bags! :rolleyes:
  3. wow girl! how many mats is that for you now? congrats!
  4. OMG---you got the other one!!!;) I got the cream/white from funkylala too :smile:
  5. I did, Caprichosa! I can't believe someone didn't get it sooner. Such a great deal :smile:
  6. This one makes 5!!! I really did go crazy :yahoo::nuts::wlae:
  7. wasn't it a great deal????? I just got mine Friday and the leather is soooo soft and luxe. I will try to post pics later tonight. I also have a wine matinee on the way....:smile: That makes 3 for me;)
  8. Yes! Please show us some pics, OK?
  9. Congrat! How many matinees you have now? Can you show us a family picture? Pls..
  10. Yes family photo please? I bet your collection is beautiful, anilu!
  11. Congrats!!
  12. very cute! I had a dream bag in this combo that i just sold but it is still beautifuL!!