I have found the perfect bag and her name is SOFIA!!!!


Jan 16, 2006
I have found my DREAM Louis Vuitton!! My perfect bag! The SC Monogram Bag! After drooling over this bag on TPF, I called LV and asked for the sc monogram bag. They found a couple for me but we had to order from Saks because a LV store will only ship to my cc address and I wanted it delivered to my work (no one is ever home to sign for stuff, work is easier! and it is my company so no problems there). I REALLY wanted the jasper one but couldn't justify the extra price right now since I am supposed to be on a ban. And I didn't want to spend almost $4000 on a bag that I wasn't sure about since I haven't tried one on before only saw pictures online. SO....I ordered my bag and yesterday it was delivered. She is a beauty!! First of all, I love bags that can be worn two ways. I love a handheld bag but I will get tired of carrying it so the shoulder strap is a nice bonus. But, I hate long shoulder straps. I want a bag to fit like my bbag city. The shoulder strap is awesome. It fits wonderfully. It fits very similar to my city. LOVE it!!!! The extra details on this bag are beautiful. I love the lock, the keys, the inside....everything about this bag. I was carrying a speedy 35 yesterday before I got my bag and I think the sc is similar in size. But not as bulky even. It might be in between a 35 and 30. It has a nice sag to it. Not to saggy but swishy if that makes sense. The canvass is nice. The inside is to die for! All in all, this is the bag I have been searching for. Who doesn't like a speedy?? This is like a speedy with extras!!!! I didn't take any up close pictures of the bag since there are other pictures here of that. I took some modeling pictures. This is not me ...... my friend at the office, which unfortunately is the only place I can take good modeling pictures. At the house, my good full length mirror just doesn't have good lighting....one of my complaints on this house! Please excuse the pictures....we are at work...and we work in a scale house at a construction site but you get the picture....hahahaha.
So without further delay.....


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