I have found '08 colors!!!

  1. Today, I was at neiman's in houston and they have some of the 08's.:yahoo:

    EB RH first, city, work
    Bubblegum RH first, city, work

    and that is all I could see. Also, Neiman's DC has a ton of '08 colors. I am going up there this weekend. The SA said they had the EB, Bubblegum, a bright looking yellow and black. If you are looking for them you can call these stores. If you call houston ask for Sharon she is wonderful.
  2. OMG! Is the s/s08 yellow out now? I can't wait! woohoo!:heart:
  3. thanks for the update although it should go under the shopping sub-forum.

    funny that neon yellow's in and not turquoise and vermilion :confused1:
  4. Holy Sh:censor:t!!!!!
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Shoot, i should have gone to Tyson's today.:cursing:
  7. Now I have to go tomorrow morning!! ACK!!! I can't wait to see sky blue and yellow. I'll report back!
  8. ooooh i can't wait to see the yellow!
  9. Yellow... I am DYING to see...
  10. YELLOW .... ooooooooh ... :drool:! I bet anything that the B-O-R-I-N-G buyers here in New England have purchased the "usual" (Black, Brown) :sad: ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. If anyone spots the Yellow, PICS please!! :woohoo:
  11. :crybaby:I went to Tyson's... the yellow was Jaune. I asked if they had the new yellow in yet and they said nope. I did see the electric and sky blues. The electric city isn't very electric in my opinion. Just a couple shades lighter than ocean. The sky blue first was kind of veiny.
    That's all for my report!
  12. I am sorry the SA at NM DC said that it was a new brighter yellow. I guess she just didn't know it was not a new color.
  13. Don't be sorry! It's not your fault at all!! I asked the SA behind the counter if she had any new yellow's and she pointed at the jaune. I told her that was a fall color and she was shocked. lol Then a different SA (my normal one) came over and schooled the poor lady. ;) I felt bad! That store is so tempting... So many bags!
  14. I saw the bags in Houston but I *think* the blue bags were sky blue. I was confused over what they were, actually. Darker than what I thought sky blue would be and lighter than what I thought would be EB. But I received my EB coin purse today and I'm pretty sure than NM had sky blue. I dunno!
  15. My SA at NM Houston said that they had just got that in and it is in fact EB. Even when I called NM DC they all have said the EB is not really that Electric/Bright. It is almost like the sky. I tried the RH work and it was too big and bight for me. I ended up with the Ltd. ed. Bal bag for NM 100 aniversary.:love: But, I am still not sold. I have never had a bag other than the boring black and brown. Ok, I am rambling sorry.