I have finally learnt, less is more.

  1. Have also learnt how to change the colour of the text!!! Anyway back to the original point. I took my patent Elvire out last week, i walked into town, and by the time i had been around the shops, done girly lunch and walked home again, i was quite pissed off with the bag for being too heavy. So today, a glorious sunny day, i wanted to take Elvire out again, and as i was going to walk into town again, i deceided i needed to take some stuff out of my bag. Normaly i carry almost everything in case of emergency, well as today was so obviously sunny and was going to stay that way, i removed my umbrella. I also removed some change from my wallet (i always end up with loads of change which weighs a ton). Just removing these 2 things made such a difference, and Elvire became a pleasure to carry. just wondering if any of you have reduced the contents of your bag to make it less heavy?? :smile:
  2. Oh yes, I do that all the time. I recently purchased a Longchamp cosmetic case because it was .05 ounces lighter....LOL
    I usually go with bare minimum unless I'm traveling. I like big bags, but with few contents.;)
  3. Yes, I have done that too.

    My change purse especially gets too heavy in my Paddy... so I just take it out. It's a rare occasion when I need pennies and nickels anyways.
  4. Yes, I find that I clean out my wallet a lot more now for that reason! I am somewhat of a pack rat :shame: so I have a ton of useless receipts..so now I make a point to clean them out at least once a month and it does make a difference!
  5. Me too. I do not carry change and I try to throw out the papers and envelopes I collect. I also cut down on what is in my cosmetic case.
  6. i'm glad you're enjoying the Elvire, i hesitated 3 months ago and finally opted for the Bay but i keep on eyeing the Elvire every once in a while!!
    As i love big bags, i usually try to sort out the mess and get rid of the useless bits and pieces that happen to overload the poor bag!
  7. The first thing I do on Saturday morning is empty out all my change - it weighs a ton and makes such a difference.