I Have Finally Found a Birkin with a Shoulder Strap and It is the ...

  1. LINDY!!

    They took the birkin straps and rotated them around to the sides and connected them with a strap. Thus the lindy bends instead of batwings!! And they added convenient outside pockets and a top flap that is good for leaving open.

    I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! I am out after a 34 lindy. I hope they come in a leather that wears well for everyday use.

  2. That's a beautiful bag :drool: Happy hunting!
  3. whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!! congrats! very nice.
  4. wow... good luck on your search!!
  5. I have a few in Togo. I adore this bag.
  6. I never realized how many similarities it had until you pointed them out!

    I think a lindy in clemence or togo would be gorgeous for you! :yes:

    What colors are you thinking?
  7. black, gold, rouge vif, ebene, violet, orange ...:yahoo:
  8. They all sound gorgeous! Hopefully you can hunt one down!!!! I'm excited to hear how you like the lindy. :yes:
  9. H'bird, what a sharp observation:tup:
  10. I Never Noticed That ~ Hummingbird ~ I :heart: The Lindy!!!!! I'm Dying For One...The Color????

    Every Single Sounds Perfect...I'll Take Them All:nuts:
  11. The Lindy comes in both clemence, swift, and swift(?)/toile. The last time I was at H, M said they had quite a few Lindys.
  12. I LOVE IT !! The other Birkin.:heart:
  13. H-last week at our store, there is a black one in the back.
  14. Very cool Hummingbird! I hope you find your Lindy soon!!!
  15. Fantastic bag!!! I have one in Etoupe. Love it!! Good luck with your hunt!! Make sure to post lots of photos when you get her.