I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED!!!! and need a little work advice

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    so finally the corrected version of the my PhD thesis has arrived in UK safe and sound and I AM DONE!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it although I am on to the next project already.

    now, as for the advice: i had some major issues with my internal examiner: this person was the one who had to oversee corrections and although we usually get along great this wasnt handled very professionally. I know it was their first time dealing with a defence but some of it was just totally unacceptable. I am still not sure what to do now. there was one particular email that really was unbelievable and I was on the verge of forwarding it to senior academic staff but decided against it.

    instead I am wondering whether I should send it back to her and tell her that this was just totally inappropriate and unprofessional. but, is it worth it? I see this more as feedback - I don't want to officially complain (any more). but I am not her child, school student or even undergrad. in fact, now I am her colleague. so what to do? would you just leave it?
  2. No way....I would complain...at the very least forward it to your former advisor...or department chair!
    Your going to come across these issues if you take a faculty position somewhere....so this is good practice!
  3. ....and a big huge superginormous CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ^ THANKS!!!

    I thought so. this is me, once I cool off I feel bad for another person to get into trouble. I think the intentions weren't bad, just badly executed...