I have finally designed and Completed.........

  1. my first garmet. I am really new at fashion design and am self taguht. Ive been up for the past 7 hours and have had 4 cups of coffee, any advice would be pleasent, but make sure its good or i will be forced to have a mental break down.:yahoo:
    dress1.jpg dress6.jpg dress4.jpg
  2. Love the Back, maybe in a year or so we will see you in Project Runway 4. Don't forget us
  3. lol im only 15 but thank you
  4. well then Project Runway 6 or 7
  5. Hahaha
  6. i love it! i like the neutral with the BANG! of black. very sophisticated and classy-a great place to start! congrats and keep up the awesome work! you're quite creative :smile:
  7. This looks very good! You are on your way!
  8. that looks good, you're talented! :yes:
  9. you've got some talent there!!! keep it up!!!
  10. Very nice the stress was worth it!
  11. I am an old lady handbag and fashion designer and have been at this "forever" if you need some tips, or advice on books to help you, don't hesitate to let me know. I admire the fact that you want to do this so badly! I KNOW how that feels, and even though I am turning 40 this year, I still find myself awake at night, working and creating, and loving every minute of it! Let me know how I can help.
  12. :tender: :flowers:
    sorry, quoting myself here! It appears, in your sketch, that you want to achieve an A-line effect, am I right? If you PM me, I will send you some patternmaking instructions to achieve your dress, with pleasure:yes: but, your draping looks good! You got it going on there girl!
  13. Ooh, I love the back! :yes:
  14. Very cute, it looks like a dress that is very chic and one would see at a red carpet event. Love the contrast with the black. Good luck, you have talent and I am sure we will see many other designs from you.
    I really love it.
  15. congrats on your first design! What an accomplishment! I too love to tinker with my sewing machine once in a while -- its such a great feeling to complete something!! Good luck!
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