i have FINALLY decided between....

  1. either a speedy 30 OR a neverfull pm. any suggestions of ideas?

    im kinda having doubts though for the neverfull becasue i read that many members have had problems with it bleeding...and im paranoid that since theres no zipper people can just snatch things out of your bag. BUT i love the shape and the style.

    keep in mind that i am 5'6 and about 100 lbs.
  2. Speedy 30 vote here. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull.
  3. I love them both but would vote for the speedy!
  4. The speedy is so classic, go speedy!
  5. I would go for the speedy 30.
  6. Speedy!
  7. I'm a shoulder bag person and had the same dilemma.. I went for the Speedy 25 merely because of the zip! The neverfull would have been perfect if it had one!
  8. I total agree with John on this one...speedy 30:yahoo:
  9. Neverfull!Its so pretty!
  10. speedy 30..dont like neverfull too much
  11. I love love love the Speedy 30!
  12. Speedy!
  13. I love the style of the Neverfull, but I'm holding out on it until Azur and/or when/if they fix the bleeding issue. So go with the Speedy lol.
  14. I prefer Neverfull so I can be hands free~ But if you are scared about the bleeding issue you can get a speedy first and wait for a Neverfull later. :graucho:
  15. Speedy. I don't like that the neverfull doesn't have a zipper.