I have finally been LV *deflowered*

  1. my friend and i went shopping on saturday in Zürich, and i decided it was time for my first visit EVAH in an LV shop :yahoo:i wasn't dressed very nicely: diesel jeans, skater shoes, my long black winter coat and carrying my little longchamp les pliages. my friend was dressed casually as well, but at least she was carrying an agent provocateur bag containing her new purchases. anyhoo, we went in, and i thought i would pass out from so much luxury overload, and an sa approached me. she was a doll, it was her first day, and i told her i was just looking. she showed me all the speedies and insisted i try them on :graucho: i wish i had gotten her card to ask for her when i go back in the spring to get my first LV!!! (i have a manhattan...but was preowned). i walked out of the shop lit up like a christmas tree! i am in love with ALL the speedies!!! :hysteric: it was a perfect day! :wlae: will be even more perfect the next time when i walk out with a new speedy!!! :nuts:

    anyone also have a nice story about their first LV visit? sorry if i sound lame, but it took a bit of courage for me to go into that boutique! :p
  2. Cute, im happy you had a good time, I enjoy going to the boutique too! :smile:
  3. Awww, cute story! SA's at LV are like those at GAP or even the supermarket - they're there just to help you out, so no worries about 'not being chic' enough to go into the boutique :yes: To their eyes, your're the client so you HAVE to get great customer service :yes:
  4. Im pleased you enjoyed your first visit so much. I loved mine.it was in Toronto for my 18th birthday n I was dressed really casual to. it was a total surprise and my dad bought me my first pieces. Id never really been a fan before, Chanel had stolen my heart, but since then I have been a total LV devotee. I love it. And i think LV have the nicest SAs.
  5. Aww I like your story!! Congrats on your purchase :yahoo:
  6. Aw congrats on your first visit to LV, glad the SA was nice. The speedy is a great bag I have 4 love them!
  7. aww its good to hear that you had a good LV boutique experience!!
  8. So what kind of speedy are ya getting??
  9. That's very nice to hear you had a great experience there.
  10. aww, glad you have an excellent first visit for LV. It's like a candy store for me whenever i go in.....
  11. Congrats, it sound like you had fun!
  12. congrats!
  13. I am so glad you had a great time.
  14. Sounds like you had a good time, congrats on the new purchase.
  15. So which speedy are you gonna be getting after seeing them all :graucho: ???