I have felt the urge and now I am officially a fan of Balenciaga!

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  1. These are GORGEOUS purses so I am officially saving saving saving money now :biggrin: Might take until Christmas but I will afford one at some point this year :yahoo:

    the dark blue one - omg...

    But what sizes are best?
  2. Hi !! congrats ;)
    My favorite is the City (looks good with all clothes, casual or not). I think City is a good choices to start, it's a classic balenciaga ;)
  3. welcome to the addiction :graucho:
  4. :welcome2:
  5. Welcome to the addiction my fellow Norwegian! Once you get your first Bal you will probably think about what the second purchase will be:graucho:
  6. Starting the obsession... good luck!! :welcome2:
    I think you can begin with a city or a first, 2 evergreen!
  7. I prefer the city & the work.. really just variations of each other ! :P
  8. Fun! Your first Bal is always the best!
  9. Depends what you carry. I think a city or a first. :smile:
  10. Hey! More Norwegians! Welcome! :biggrin:
  11. Yippee a new bbag fan - get ready for the obsession to begin! I agree with the city suggestion, or maybe even a day. Then you get to decide on color & hardware - that's what's great about bals - so many fun options!
  12. Welcome to the Dark Side.

    Start with a City. Actually, it won't really matter. You'll be getting more. :graucho:
  13. Welcome and congrats for finding Balenciaga!

    There is no turning back now!!!!:P