I Have Fallen Victim!!! I Am Gonna Be Sick!

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  1. I have never purchased a pair of shoes on Ebay before... until recently. The package arrived and I opened them with delight...then... the most poorly crafted hideous fakes sat before me!!!

    What a nightmare! Below a list of the obvious at first look:

    1. The box was wrong and did not have any tags or stickers on it or evidence that there ever were.
    2. The number 4 in the shoe size was different than that of an authentic pair.
    3. The red was dark and dull.
    4. The leather was coming off on the heel.
    5. The soles had glue all over them and black paint!
    6. The extra tips were in a tiny ziplock bag.
    7. The dustbag were 2 separate bags made of some really thin poorly made polyester that stained the inside of the box red.

    Not sure if I can continue this horrible description!

    So on with the story...
    The seller suddenly is no longer a registered user!!! Ebay was able to contact the seller and her response as follows:

    "Please remember that in order to recieve refund the shoes must be returned in new, unused, unworn condition with letter from authorized louboutin retailer within 3 days of being recieved. I have origninal reciept to prove authenticity and protect myself as well. If you have any problems please contact me. Ebay requested additional info from me (id,utility bill) and I am waiting for them to process it in order to reinstate my account. You may reach me anytime via email at ... Thank you."

    How is this witch of counterfeit goods supposed to generate a receipt to prove authenticity on an item that has no tags or stickers on it!???
  2. can you post pictures and the link to the auction?
  3. Am I allowed to post pics?
    The auction won't show cuz she is no longer a registered user :tdown:
  4. you can post in the authentication link by all means
  5. I'm not much help at all but... HERE'S A BIGGGGGG HUG!!! :hugs:
  6. If it's a SNAD, maybe file because of
    4. The leather was coming off on the heel.
    5. The soles had glue all over them and black paint!

    if that wasn't shown or noted in the listing.

    That way you don't have to bother w/ letter....just a thought, OP!
  7. I'm sorry this happened to you OP!
    Best to file a SNAD like Just 1 More said.
    if worse comes to worse just get the letter.
  8. Ignore the seller they have no right to request a letter from a louboutin boutique, they are trying it on.

    Start a SNAD asap, don't mention the authenticity issues in the dispute or ebay/paypal will want a letter (I don't know if Caroldiva authenticates shoes).
  9. SNAD the seller. I am so sorry this happened to you. I hate that unscrupulous people are ruining EBAY for everyone else.
  10. I agree with the others. Don't even bother with the authenticity issues. It sounds like you have enough to go after a SNAD claim which is much easier in the long run. Just take several pictures of the quality (or lack there of) and file a claim. State the facts and try to be short and concise. Perhaps call ebay too since the seller is NARU. Also, I wouldn't even bother contacting them since you can't do so through the ebay system. When you file the claim I would escalate it immediately (it just shortens the time you have to wait in the long run).
  11. I would call ebay in this instance. I don't know how long it would take to get an on-line authorized authenticator to do the letter for you. eBay gives you a time limit once you claim Fake.

    If you file a SNAD you have to make sure ebay is going to find in your favor.

    I would call them. Safest bet.
  12. yikes so sorry this happened to you!! please keep us updated.
  13. File a SNAD and send them back with a tracking number you can give to Paypal or Ebay
  14. Call ebay and if u get nowhere with CS rep talk to supervisor and escalate case if possible.

    Also contact CC co. or bank that funded purchase and alert them as well ofter the banks pressure on ebay will turn out in your favor.

    There is no estab. precedent for getting CL or anyone for that matter to address a snad case.

    Tell seller that you want a refund period. Tell ebay you want a refund period. if neither provide that then the cc/bank will investigate.
  15. The seller hasn't picked up the package yet! She won't go and sign for them, Sept 30 is when they tried the first time... getting upset now so I ordered some LV goodies. I will have a reveal soon for some comfort. :crybaby: