I have fallen to PF pressure

  1. As I was driving down Madison Avenue today, I noticed the Chanel store on one of the corners. This pushed me to make the call to Neimans to get bag #5 in the past months. Thanks to PF I purchased the cabas in denim. I hope this is a good choice-its shipping from the warehouse and I will be able to pick it up in store later this week. After everyone getting them in this forum I felt that I needed one. The question is-Will I love it like I love my caviar cabas?
  2. A bunch of enablers here. I think you will love the denim cabas. I am literally one phone call away from purchasing one. I keep thinking of maybe buying the leather babay cabas but I really love the denim. Let us know what you think when you get it.
  3. NM in short hills. They just got word that they are in warehouse this am. Coincidently I seem to always call at the right time. I hope you are right.
  4. Good for you, the bag is great for summer. Enjoy .
  5. I agree w/sjunky13- the denim cabas is a great summer bag!

    Hope you love it!

    Be sure to share pics with us when you get it!
  6. < is talking baby talk to her denim Cabas now ....
    "Mama's sweet oversized baby.......mama loves you, honey, with your chain tuft and your bloated little denim belly. Mummy (aside: i have no idea why i am now reverting to British-speak for Mom/Mama lol) will most likely keep you,,,,,,,if she can return/sell your little sister the tote"
    and the baby says "waaaah waaaah gurgle coo, keep me mummy, i promise i will be perfect for you and a good babygirl and bring you lots of happiness" :nuts: :p
  7. YAY! There should be a thread of everyone who owns the denim cabas! HAHAHA I love it, it one of my favs! CONGRATS!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Congrats!
  10. I feel better now. That bag has grown on me thanks to PF. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :nuts: :happydance: