I have fallen in love...

  1. ... with perle enveloppe plate :love::love::love: It's soooo pretty!!! Why oh why do I have already so many things on my wish/to get list...
  2. LOL, join the club...the never ending list!
  3. yum
  4. Does anyone happen to know if that piece and coulour are going to be for sale only for a limited period of time?? 'cose if it is I'll just might have to get it while I can!! :love::love:
  5. I'm dying for the pomme one, but the perle is gorgeous too!
  6. wow.. That's pretty.
  7. I think it's LE for the piece itself. I would get it ASAP if you really want it! ITA it is gorgeous! I lvoe my pomme!
  8. how much does the plate retail again?
  9. $390 and get it while you can, it will be gone soon....lovely piece!
  10. Thanks for the tip just_jill and mickloisme!!!
  11. hope you can get one!:yahoo:
  12. It's beautiful, if you can most def snatch one up now!!!:yes:
  13. you have lovely expensive taste!
  14. yep, planning for the pomme one to be mine very soon...
  15. It's very pretty!