I have fallen in LOVE!!

  1. With the new Andrea satchel!!:love: The fatigue is TDF but I'll take the cognac and the black, too!! Does anyone have one? Please tell me how wonderful it is and what you know about availability--I'll be near my local Coach boutique this weekend.
    :heart: :heart: :heart: !!

  2. i love that satchel too but fatigue is order only. gRrrr..and the numbers are low i tell ya

    the white is cute.

    the cognac comes close, but white is still my personal fave.

    and black is last
  3. Wow, that is gorgeous! Darnit, add another to the wishlist..
  4. My local store has the andrea in fatigue. It's really a gorgeous color in person. Very pretty. :yes:
  5. I love that color also. in your opinion, is it a good spring and summer color?
  6. ^^^^^I saw the andrea in fatigue at the KoP Coach store and loved the color. It think it would work well year-round.
  7. I may have to make a trip to the Coach store this weekend to see the Andrea IRL!! I saw it on the website and really liked it!! :yes:
  8. I was at the Coach store yesterday and saw the Andrea IRL and I think it is so gorgeous! I love the Cognac color. They also had the white, and the black, but I didn't see the fatigue. I think I might have to get me that one!!