I have fallen in love

  1. So I won this bag on eBay and then I starting getting worried that I wouldn't like it. Yesterday it arrived and I have declared that it will likely be the bag I use the most! Too awesome for words! I absolutely love the color, seriously words cannot describe. However, I would really like to buy a bag from coach that didn't require Jesus cleaning. When I say Jesus cleaning I mean a bag that doesn't have prayer as the only method of cleaning available. Honestly those care cards should just start saying, we hope you enjoy your new handbag, get right with God! Love, Coach.
    new bag 001.jpg new bag 002.jpg new bag 003.jpg
  2. i have that bag and DO use it everyday. it's just so comfortable, carefree and a great color.

  3. I love the color!
  4. I love that thing! It's got the look of a satchel but the straps are long enough to go on your shoulder and stay which is apparently an issue for me. Straps don't like to stay on my shoulder at all!
  5. It's beautiful! The color is gorgeous
  6. :roflmfao:

    Great new bag! I love the red.
  7. That bag is soooo classy! I adore the color!

    Great find! :nuts:
  8. Nice bag, love the color! Your post made me rofl! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. What a gorgeous color:drool:
  10. That's a beautiful bag. Love the color. I'd like to find the same on in sand.
  11. :roflmfao:

    Holy smokes, that cracked me up!!!
    Glad you like your new bag, it's beautiful!
  12. It's a great easy bag! congrats!
  13. Fun color! Congrats on the new bag.
  14. It's beautiful!! I love the color!! Congrats!!
  15. I got that bag yesterday in camel, I love it! I really like the color of yours.