I have fallen in love with the cobalt blue leather & suede but is it hard to care for

  1. I have fallen head over heels in love with the SS 12 cobalt blue leather & suede but I wonder how hard wearing the suede would be, I have been looking for a bright blue bag & thought of Balenciaga or Prada but I love love love Celine & don't own any, I own both in the other makes so this would be my first Celine.

    Please give me some advice on how to care for this bag as I need to let the store know tomorrow otherwise I will miss out on this beauty ;);)
  2. Bump this thread as i want to know the answer too..
  3. Hi I ended up buying a blue balenciaga but I still really wanted a Celine Mini so by the time I decided which was about 2 weeks later not only had they gone up in price but the blue was no longer available so I ended up buying a Vermillon Red Mini & a Souris Mini both are in full leather but I was told by one SA that the cobalt blue leather & suede would not be an ideal daily bag because of the suede. HTH
  4. I rotate my bags every week so it won't be daily bag for me.. I just dont know how to taking care a suede bag.. Wow u bought 2 celine? Congrats for new babies..
  5. That's why I would of bought it as it wouldn't of been a daily bag but I would still wan't to keep it looking good, my red Vermillon has already got a tiny bit of colour transfer from jeans & a black leather jacket although no one else would know it was there but I inspect my bags so I noticed it, the blue cobalt is stunning & such a lovely colour.
  6. I am a little lost on how to care for mine too.. I very lightly sprayed it with a suede spray, but that's it and I doubt that will prevent much. The SA didn't even really have an answer when I asked, but also said it is not a daily bag. I'm just going to try to follow one simple rule: never ever take it out in the rain. I do like that the bottom panel is not suede though, if it were I would probably never want to set it down on any surface without cleaning it first! I think the first day I carried it, I actually put it on a chair at the table next to me at a restaurant because I didn't want to put it on the floor. Luckily, the table was empty!
  7. I commented on your reveal, your Phantom is TDF but I actually passed on the mini but now wish I hadn't as I rotate my bags a lot so I think it would of been ok......I ended up with a Vermillon red mini & a souris mini although still lusting for the cobalt :sad:
  8. Hi Cassandra22007, I think I have the same suede phantom as you, it says mine is royal blue, not sure if yours is the same, and I'm actually contemplating on selling that one or my cobalt blue smooth leather mini, I'm leaning towards keeping the phantom more now, just because i dont see it as often as the blue mini, but im really concern about the suede.. what brand of suede spray do you use? and how was it been since you sprayed it? any color transfers? or damages on the corners? thanks a lot!!! =D
  9. I've had mine going on 2 months and so far so good with the suede and the corners. I VERY lightly sprayed it with a generic suede/leather spray--I think the same one I use for UGGs (might be the UGG-brand one). I have not taken it out in the rain and I'm generally very careful with it, although I tend to bang it into doorways and such since the size is kind of clumsy. No color transfer thankfully. I'd keep it if I were you, it is so beautiful and definitely not seen everywhere.

    When I bought it the SA made sure to tell me that it is not an "everyday bag," which I agree with.
  10. thank you so much! I think i am gonna keep it =]