I have fallen in love....with my OWN BAG!!

  1. So a little while back I bought an 04 black city that was super silky and puddly but it just didn't wow me. I had only ever tried on a Day before then and for some reason was expecting the City to be bigger. When I expressed my disappointment here, some wise pfers told me to hold on to it for a while and see what I thought a bit later. In the meantime I've gotten a Work and a First too. Recently I pulled out the City again and have been wearing it almost everyday. It's the PERFECT size for me!! :heart::heart: Do you sometimes wonder how fickle you could ever possibly be? How long did it take you to find the best size for you? I love the others too, of course - just thought it was funny that my mind has done an aboutface with this bag... :p

    here's me with my new love, walking down the street in the Brera neighborhood of Milan....
  2. That's great news! OMG, that picture is gorgeous!
  3. The city looks great on you! Congrats!
    I too fell madly in love with the city almost a year after owning one! After that I bought two more! :rolleyes:
    Right now I am unsure about owning two Purses but I'll wait at least for a month or two before I decide whether to sell them or not because what if I regret it later on?
  4. That is no doubt the coolest "in action" pic ever! :nuts:

    So glad you're reunited!
  5. i had the exact same experience! i only wore the DAY style and always disliked the city - too many straps, tassles, etc. now i can't get enough of the city style.

    i love your pic - so chic. happy to hear you held onto that gorgeous bag - you would be crying now if you sold it!

    wear it in good health;)
  6. I love the action pic!! I am a newbie to bbags and I love my black city.
  7. Yay!!!! That's a fantastic pic and I'm so glad you've fallen in love with your City! It looks wonderful on you! :yahoo:
  8. Glad to hear that you are in love with it now. I have a first and a city and I love them. I am waiting on a box now so I will see soon.
  9. Yea!! Congrats on finding "your" fav style!! :yahoo:

    Oh my goodness!! I was about to post something similiar to this!! This exact situation just happened to me... :graucho: I came to this realization actually within the past week or so!!

    I have tried a variety of styles over a period of time, and my first City that I had, I wasn't really in love with it... so I ended up selling it. I went through a variety of styles (First, Mini-B, City again, Part-Time, Twiggy) only to find... that the 2nd City I purchased (Marine 07) is my favorite now, because of size & color!! The size of the City just works out perfectly and I think the City is my favorite style now!! (Followed closely by the Twiggy...)

    So now that I have realized this... I am going through my bags and cycling out the ones that aren't getting use because of the size, and trying to replace them with the City... It's just crazy, because after my first encounter with the style - I was deadset that it wasn't for me & that I didn't like it!! :p WOW!! How things change!! Right?? :tup:
  10. I'd say hang on to your bags with really great leather for a while. I've changed back and forth over the years as to which style feels best, so you never know!
  11. It's a great bag and it looks fabulous on you.
    So happy about your newfound love.
  12. Bellenuit, you almost took a picture of my house...How funny, that's such a small world!
  13. That's excellent advice!
  14. :sweatdrop: Uh oh... this is what I've been telling myself for months... but then another part of me keeps saying just get things I am definately going to use now, and I can always switch again later if need be... Hopefully I won't regret it!! :push:
  15. I'm so glad you fell in :love:

    It looks great on you!! BUT HEY - '04 leather - Please post close up pics also... I'm craving the older leathers.... :nuts: