I have fallen hard for MJ bags, why do you love the original MJ or newer bags?


Dec 9, 2006
I think it was a few years ago that I first wanted a Marc Jacobs bag, it was when the Blake, Venetia and Stella were in all the magazines, I loved the zingy colours and the pushlock details.

I bought my first MJ bag in April, a berry Venetia, then I got a black banana hobo and now I have a grass green Stella on the way to me, I am totally obsessed.

I especially love the older bags like the Venetia, Stella etc as I love the colours. My sister didn't like my venetia at all and said it looked like a cheap bag from Tk Maxx but I don't agree at all, everyone else copied the pushlock design! Anyway, I have other bags which are what you would deem 'it' bags but find I use my MJ bags most, I like the fact that not everyone does know what they are. As much as I love my Paddy I feel like a cliche when I wear it if that makes sense and I don't with my MJ bags. I particularly like wearing tha older ones.

What do you love about the older (or newer) MJ bags and why?:yes:


Sep 9, 2006
my first mj was a venetia too! although my experience wasn't so pleasant. i got duped on ebay and ended up buying a very good fake. it was before i knew about tpf, so i didn't get it authenticated beforehand. that was quite the lesson learned. i never let it tarnish my love for mj though! besides, it all worked out in the end. i purchased a venetia from saks, and i guess you could say that was the beginning of my obsession.

i love how classic the styles are and there's a wide range to choose from depending on how classic or trendy you are. the colors are varied and vibrant. the quality is great and worth every penny. i love the small details from the engravings on the zipper pulls to the suede lining. it also goes on sale, and while many people would assert that that tarnishes the brand, i say that it's a great deal and i'm glad for it.

did i leave anything else out? i'm sure i did. mj is just a fabulous a designer!


Jun 4, 2006
I love the older bags. My first MJ was an indigo Stella not too long ago. I love it and I just received my first Sophia in pomgranate about a week ago.

I'm a huge fan of the pushlocks and I love the style of the older bags.

I always thought I wouldn't buy any other colors than black, brown or maybe burgundy. Well, I guess I was wrong ;). I bought an emerald Multipocket and I think the color is amazing.


Jun 14, 2007
Ditto on what tadpolenyc said. MJ's are classic... The purse that did it for me was a white Daria with gold hardware. I took one look at it and was in love.

Besides their timeless quality, I love that Marc Jacobs bags make a statement without conspicuous logos. The recent quilted collection has a wonderful vintage feel that I love. I haven't had much luck with vintage hunting, so for me, MJ's are a wonderful alternative.

I also like that they aren't as widely copied as say, LV. It would drive me nuts if I saw everyone with a fake Marc Jacobs on their shoulder.


Oct 6, 2006
Along with what another poster said, MJ was my first dream bag. Before that I had been obsessed with Coach (I have about 8 of those). Now I am obsessed with MJ and have maybe 9 MJ bags.

I really love the classic styles with the pushlocks and don't care too much for some of the newer bags but I think MJ really is an innovator when it comes to handbag design.


Jul 10, 2006
i agree with most of the posts here already. i prefer the original mj bags over the newer styles. I like the feel and quality of the leather, color (looooooove the many colors MJ has...perhaps #1 reason why i like MJ purses), timelessness and functionality (like the many pockets and compartments) of the older ones. And ditto, i also like that MJ isnt as popular as LV, etc (yet)....so i feel i am wearing something unique.


"It's been 84 years..."
Sep 30, 2006
I do like the older bags, but given the option of buying older or newer bags for the same price, I would pick the newer bags. I really like all the zippers his bags have all over them lately.


Jun 7, 2006
I really like both the older and newer styles. My first MJ was a black Stella (non-pushlock, but the brass buckle style) and I really love it. My problem with a lot of the older styles is that they are just not big enough for me. I would love to buy some more Stellas, though.

The newer styles are great. I love the Stam and think it's a "grown up" classic. I'm older (41), so the Stam is a great bag for work. I also love my Hudson bag. I am not crazy about the patchwork styles, though. I am hoping they will re-issue the Stella and maybe some newer styles that are more like the classic soft calf styles.


Nov 13, 2006
I love the older MJ bags. I only have a Sophia in almond with a robin egg blue interior. I love the colors and the contrast between the interior suede and the exterior colors. I wish MJ would make more colorful bags again -- I've found the last few season a bit drab.