I have fallen back in love with Coach--may I ask a few questions about Spring??

  1. The Spring catalog has made me fall back in love with Coach! I have a few bags marked and wonder if I could ask opinions or about info on them. Also--I scanned a few posts and saw something about a discount--is that still going on (PCE or something?)

    OK--madeline tote in geranium--a true pink? And can it fit over the shoulder?

    Bridgit--what colors and how big?

    Leigh--general opinions.

    Thanks so much girls--any advice would be so appreciated !!
  2. Hi, there! Welcome back to Coach! Here's a few answers:

    Madeline in geranium; a reddish orange. The magenta (bright pink) shows up in the drilldown but so far no idea if it's coming out or when it might.

    bridgit; I know there's black and walnut and I think a metallic color. Someone can help you with this as there are a couple of gals that have ordered it and are awaiting its arrival. (mokoni & allison are 2)

    Leigh; I like it, don't own it because it's too big for me. It's lovely in either leather or chocolate signature. Might be headed for outlets since new bags are coming out but I'm not sure. I think it's been marked down at department stores though.

    Other gals will chime in I'm sure and add to my .02 or correct it! LOL!