I have enforced a complete bag ban!!

  1. :crybaby: Well this is it, i can not buy another bag for i don't know how long. My husband and i have just had quite a few months where the money has just gone. Admittedly we have had some fun too, but the credit cards are now looking quite scary, so just when i thought i'd scrape together some money to buy a gorgeous Chloe bag in the net-a-porter sale, i have had to restrain myself and say "NO, you can't afford it". I just hope its still available in the next few months when i might be able to afford it. I think it might be, as it isn't one of their it bags, but i love it. Anyway just wanted to share my misery with you all. So please wish me well and tell me it will be worth it in the end. I SHALL HAVE THAT BAG eventually. Just over 2 months since i bought my last bag, just thought i'd mention that. :banned:
  2. Sometimes you just have to be sensible and get your priorities right. I'm currently on a ban and we are watching our money closely - thinking of buying into a business and possibly an extension on the house so no bag buying money available!!!
    It WILL be worth it in the end!!
  3. You can do it!! I'm on a bag ban indefinately as well. For some reason I'm putting being able to feed myself and paying my utilities while in Grad School in front of bags (and everything else). Been over two months since I've bought one as well. We will survive! :biguns:
  4. You know, you will survive. I'm banned too now as I may be moving shortly and will have to sell / buy house so my priorities are house!
    Also what I've seen after being on this forum for well over a year..the bags I want normally I have found for 50% off and higher if I am willing to wait. They always show up somehow during sales...so I've also learned to delay my joy a bit...
  5. I need to put myself on a ban! (I just need a couple more before I can. lol) ;)

    Good luck on your ban. It IS worth it!
  6. Good luck! I need to go on a ban as well (AFTER I get my last piece which I'm on wait list for). I've bought quite a bit that needs to now be paid off, so it's a ban until 2008 if I can handle it. Good thing is that I now feel my collection is fairly good for me and I'm feeling somewhat content about it ... so hopefully I won't be swayed by seeing any amazing bag purchases by other members! :smile:
  7. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know there are more important things in life than bags, and i do have a pretty good collection already. Its just that i fell in love with this particular bag and hey ho its no go. The thought of debt scares me more than the thought of not having the bag. Thanks again guys. :smile:
  8. i'm the same with you, i'm trying to have a bag ban for a few months in the future. i got to be more financially secure.
    luckily, i recently got one bag that i really really love, it's like the perfect answer and i kinda don't want to wear another bag lately.
    if i want to buy a bag, i put in a limit. i've been spending much money on expensive bags lately, so i try to spend not more than 1000$ for another bag. but ONLY if i sell my other bag i don't use. so it's like recycling and not buying :p

    good luck on the bag ban :yes:
  9. Yes! Good observation there! I've been on a bag ban for little less than a month and boy is it hard. But I like being able to breathe easy when the credit card statement comes.