I have emailed 3 different SA's and...

  1. none have gotten back to me...are these people so busy with shoppers everyday that they don't care to get one more sale? I don't get it. You will think that I would get a response ASAP...weird!
  2. Who did you email? I emailed a couple recently and though it took a couple of days, they did respond. They probably don't check email that frequently.
  3. I was thinking that too.

    I don't e-mail mine, but my phone calls to her work perfectly and are much faster!
  4. I am an SA and I can say that sometimes its hard to check your emails frequently. Sometimes you're the only person working on the floor, so you can't exactly leave to go in the back and check email.

    Cut them some slack, I'm sure they would love to help but just happen to be tied up at the moment.;)
  5. jfhave, don't expect they will reply right away, but they will e-mail you back for sure. You can also try the e-mail from Chanel.com. However I had problem before when e-mail Chanel Canada for general inquiry, Chanel USA always redirects the mail to Canada, but then I never receive any response from Canada at all. So, SAs are better in general. Sometimes, they will attach lot of photos in the e-mail, so that's take some times as well. I hope you hear from them soon :smile:
  6. okay, i just got a response from one telling me that the bag i was interested in is on waitlist...she didn't ask if i'd like to get on the waitlist though...gee thanks!:p
  7. I'd prefer to call them directly. Hate to email back and forth, waist of both party's time. If she mentioned waitlist on the phone, I can just tell her I would like to be added to the list right away. She probably just don't know your intention to be added to the list from your email if you did not mention it first. Hope it is not too late to give them a call^^
  8. I also call directly in the event that I need to speak to my SA. I feel it is more personal and I think SAs are better able to give better service on the phone in the event you can't make it in store.
  9. I had emailed because I had a picture of a bag I wanted to show them. I don't like playing phone tag or sometimes feel like I may be taking them away from customers...I don't know you would think it would be a lot easier for the SA to check their mail when they are free...guess I won't try the email route again...
  10. JfHAve ... What bag are you trying to wait list for?
  11. I have found that email works when u already have a relationship with a SA. Call or better yet go in and introduce urself, then they will have a face to put with ur email.

  12. yup..understandable..
    Sometimes..being there in person won't help..because there simply too many customers to attend to:yes:

    I can understand that...normally I do other shopping first b4 I pop in again:p
  13. I phoned my SA and then sent her a fax of the bag I wanted so that she was able to find it for me. The direct approach always works better than e-mails where you might get lost in a pile of spoof.
  14. I prefer email as I do not live in the US. It is easier for me to describe what i want and i dont have to deal with the time issues. I bought some Chanel earrings once over the phone once and it was a nightmare for the SA to understand my name and address etc...after that i decided email was the way to go.
  15. Be easier to call them. If you find it hard to locate a bag, post the pic up and Tpfers will help you locate one.
    There are some SAs on this forum that can help you.