i have ebay coupons!

  1. good until march 31st-10% off any purchase

    good april 1-15 10 dollars off any fashion purchase of 50 dollars or more

    good april 16-30 20- dollars off any technology purchase of 100 or more
  2. Oh my god !!! Thank you so much !
  3. How does this work? If I buy something from a seller I enter this code when I pay?
  4. Thanks very much! This is good to know and use!
  5. How would you use this? Please let me know- I want to buy something! Thanks!
  6. darn.....i just bought a jacket yesterday :sad2:........that's okay....that just means more ebay shopping for me ;)
  7. Thank you! Is there a maximum amount for the 10%?
  8. wow I have been waiting for new codes for ages - yes I too would like to know if there is a max on the 10% off
  9. Usually its a 25$ max on these codes. I tried using a similar one yesterday but it would not let me as it was a personal code for someone else so sometimes if they weren't sent to you personally then they can't be used :cry:
  10. ^ oh no! I hope it works, I made a big purchase yesterday - but didn't see it until today. It makes me feel a bit better that it probably was only a $25 loss. Someone try and use it and let us know if it works (if so, perhaps I'll go in a bidding frenzy ;) hehe)
  11. I just checked my messages on ebay and I was sent these same ones, so check your messages!
  12. Ebay has coupons?!
  13. yes you use them when you pay using paypal - $25 is that all :sad: I suppose it is better than nothing
  14. Thanks Kimmy!
  15. YOUR WELCOME :biggrin:

    what you do is when you pay via paypal their is a little box which says coupon and you put that code it and you get your discount. :biggrin: