I Have Done It - My First Birkin!!!!


Aug 24, 2006
Hi All,​

After much late nights spent browsing through ebay deliberating and dreaming of purchasing one to cut out all the dramas of the first birkin, I built up enough courage today and bought this baby. I was really scared to purchase anything this amount on ebay and specially my first birkin as you dont know what you are going to get.​

However, have asked the seller loads of questions and also contacted the manager of Hermes in Melbourne who assured me that the lady who owns this birkin is one their VIP clients and that the boutique has only agreed to authenticate this due to her loyalty to the brand.​

Today, got a phonecall from the seller (after countless of emails) and negotiated a BIN. Will be flying to Melbourne on Sunday to pick this baby up and examine her in person before finalising the transaction.​

Ideally, I wanted black with GH but, Im quite happy with this one as I do not own a brown bag.​

Needless to say I will not be sleeping until Sunday night..... Thanks to all who also helped me initially with authenticating this...LOVE YOU ALL!​

Larger Picture


Will post more of my own pics as soon as I can....


Feb 17, 2007
OMG! I ogled and drooled over this one for a while (and her brown Kelly also) -​

If I hadn't just bought a brown birkin myself, I would have been all over this one - it looks stunning!! Lovely choice, can't wait how to hear how the flight and "take possession" trip went - pls keep us posted!

And, btw, welcome! :heart: