I have decided to not....

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  1. spray anything on my new galliera PM (sorry to bring this never ending subject up again). The reason is because I am scare to damage the canvas, as it is inevitable that the spray will get on there. So, I am wondering for all you non-sprayers, are you glad that you never sprayed or do you wish you had? I am also wondering what happened to your vachetta when you got caught in the rain... will the water spots eventually dry and clear up?

    I feel like I am a new mom and asking all these questions about my precious new baby:P:P ha ha ha
  2. You could spray a cloth and then wipe it on. I treated my BH that way because of all the buckles. I'm still deciding about treating my Galliera PM. A waterspot would be so ugly for so long and I'm constantly washing my hands, it would be inevitable. Ever been in a public bathroom where somebody shakes their hands right near you onto your bag? Ordinarily I would not notice but when it went on my then treated Speedy, I would have been livid it it were not treated at the time.
  3. I've had nothing but a positive experience with the Apple Garde Rain & Stain.
    I didn't treat the vachetta on my pouchette, and it has basically held up fine, but it does absorbs stains. I haven't had a huge issue with water spots, even though once I did spill a martini all over that little bag!

    I plan on buying a Galliera GM this week, and I will spray it with the Apple Garde.
  4. Well it happened, I have had my galliera PM for just over 24 hours and out with my daughter and she spills her water and it splashes over onto the vachetta. It's been 9 hours and the spots have faded and are hardly noticable. I am hoping by tomorrow it will disappear. But even with this happening, I am not sure I want to spray. I noticed that the vachetta patinas quite quickly with a nice "sheen" to it and don't know if spraying would keep that "sheen" from developing. Plus, I think the brass would tarnish faster if the spray gets on it, and the canvas, blah, blah, blah. I know I can dab it on but wouldn't that create a stain in itself (the process of dabbing... spraying creates a fine mist, dabbing is a big glob of moisture.

    Anyway if I decide to spray, is Kiwi or Tana all protect just as good as apple guard?
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    Solai, Sorry to hear about your dd's water spilling onto your bag. Did your spots fade away?
  6. 1) Water stains usually disappear. If you used Apple Guard or in my case I use Coach cleaner and moisturizer (yes, I know it says not to use it on vachetta but it works beautifully)

    2) The spray/cleaner/rain guard will not prevent the 'nice sheen' from forming on the vachetta

    Good luck!