I have decided to get the part-time with GH....but which colour?

  1. Cafe or truffle?

    Thank you all for answering my previous post on which bag to get!
  2. Truffle.:tup:
  3. I'm with NANAZ, Truffle!:wlae::heart:
  4. Another vote for Truffle!
  5. I vote for truffle. The cafe is to dark IMO.
  6. I agree with Nanaz and Incoralblue!:heart:
  7. Truffle is my vote too. I'm not a fan of cafe.
  8. Truffle, too! :smile:
  9. Truffle looks so absolutely gorgeous with the GH! Go for it!!
  10. Truffle blends with gold more - tres riche!
  11. I'll be the devil's advocate and vote for Cafe. :p