I have decided on a wristlet ... thoughts?


    This is the one I wan, in whiskey. It is still available at Coach stores and online. Do you suggest buying it there or giving eBay a shot? Or is there a department stoire selling them with any discounts that you know of now?

    I am eyeing a couple Coach handbags too but will wait and look a bit more since I just splurged on my Kooba. How do you think this wristlet will look with my Kooba Brynne? (see avatar) I also thought it would go with many other handbags.

    Thanks for any input! You girls are really a great help.:flowers:
  2. Congrats on your Kooba! You may find it easier to just order the wristlet from the Coach site. I haven't seen the Whiskey wristlet at the two local stores near me for months! They do have the other colors though!

    Did you decide on a make-up bag yet? I saw your other thread. I liked both too, but I do like the Vera Bradley one...I love that Java Blue print!
  3. I would order it from Coach.
  4. I would always buy from a Coach store, or Coach.com over eBay, unless the item is no longer available through Coach. You're guaranteed an authentic item that way. eBay is always hit and miss.
  5. Well I don't carry a lot of makeup with me - just gloss and concealer really - I thought they would fit in the wristlet, along with any other extras, and I could use it either by itself or in my Kooba as an extra bag?
  6. I like this one! I have it in pond. It'll be good for your make up items. I'd order from the site!
  7. Hey Cheekers, I didn't see this before I posted in the other thread about the duffle wristlet. Anyway, I LOVE the Legacy wristlets. I totally lucked out and got one in black leather at the outlet a couple of weeks ago. There aren't many at the outlets, though, so like others have said your best bet is to order from Coach.com. Only select stores have Legacy now.

    That wristlet isn't as roomy as some of the others, but it works well as a wallet. That's what I'm using it for right now. I've got my cash and change, plus lipbalm in the main compartment, and some cards in the front pocket. I can also fit my cellphone in there when I'm going out for coffee or whatever while I'm at my office at school. Anyway, it'll definitely hold what it sounds like you need it to hold (makeup).
  8. order from coach...i was lucky to find my wristlet in whiskey on ebay and for a reasonanble price too!
  9. OK I will do! Thanks girls.
  10. Yeah that would look great with your Kooba! I'd stay away from eBay, honestly, just get it from Coach as the other posters recommended.

    Enjoy! Beware, they are habit forming :graucho: ...and so much fun to mix and match with coach and non-coach bags!!
  11. I just purchase the "whiskey legacy wristlet" from the Coach web site. I returned the first one, because I did not like the leather, it was grainy. I purchase a second one and its prefect I love it.