I Have COURT Tomorrow for Speeding.. Help!!

  1. After 3 months waiting I am finally going to court.. I know this is bad, but I got stopped for speeding... I never speed anymore, and drive very safe.. I was only speeding because I was late for class.. I exceeded 20mph.. Any tips for court.. What should I say... How do I get my points taken off.. I am only 18 and have no experience with this.. I feel so nervous..:sweatdrop::push::sad:
  2. The best advice is to be honest and sincere and to say what you said in your message. You were speeding to get to class, you've learned your lesson. Be sure to tell the judge that you have no prior traffic stops or moving violation tickets. Wear a suit jacket if you have one and be respectful.

    Judges have a great deal of discretion in these matters. A friend recently went to court with a ticket, explained that she had never had a ticket in 20 years of driving. The judge fined her but didn't take any points off her license.

    On the other hand I've known friends who've gone to court and had the book thrown at them. It all depends upon the judge.

    One more thing. I don't know where you live, but expect to spend a good part of the day waiting for your turn before the judge. Some traffic courts just stack people up and let them sit all day.

    Good luck!
  3. Hope the officer doesn't turn up is #1 - you get let off immediately.....

    Why are you appearing in court ? Are you wanting to fight it? Can't you just pay and get traffic school?

    (BTW - I don't know much about traffic law (only what happens if you try to beat a red light by a centi-milli second in CA :p)
  4. I'm doing traffic school right now for 70 in a 65 on highway 101. I was stupid and went right past the cop, didn't even see him.
  5. Thanks for the advice sweatheart.. The suit is a must.. I am just going to be myself and hope for the best..... BTW I live in NJ..
  6. omg he stopped you for only going 5 over...:wtf:
  7. I hope the cop doesnt show up... Well everyone told me to plead not gultiy so that I dont get points.... But I am probally going to pay more.... :sad:
  8. If things get hairy - you might want to have at the back of you head some statistics of teenage driving accidents . Then you could say that you know - some one made you read (for example ME!) about it - and you can see what a mistake you made.
  9. Great Idea!! I'll tell you guys how it went tomorrow:sweatdrop:....

  10. Uh, I think you meant to type SWEETheart. <giggle> Ya need to work on spelling your pick up lines correctly.

    Nine times out of ten, the cop doesn't show up in court who busted you, so you get let off. At least in California, I am not sure how it works in Jersey. You also have the fact it's your first ticket ever... he/she may be nice and just fine you, or allow you to go to traffic school. You can propbably google "traffic schools New Jersey" for more information.

    SLOW DOWN! It's better to be late to class than dead on the freeway or city streets because you went too fast, okay? Okay!
  11. After my experience - (but in CA for a first offense you can do traffic school and you don't get points) if the officer shows don't bother pleading not-guilty. I mean are you going to say that the officer is lying?

    Have you read this about how to get points taken away.
  12. I got a ticket once for rolling a stop sign. Cop wrote it up as stop *LIGHT*. woot!!!! Went to court... case dismissed!!! :nuts:

    Unfortunately that was the only time the stars aligned. Most of the time (I average 1 ticket per year) it is Defensive Driving for me.

    Do they do Deferred Adjudication (sp?) in New Jersey? Basically probation for a ticket - you don't get a new one in, say, 6 months, the ticket is dropped. If so it may be a good option for you. Good luck!!
  13. LMAO about SWEATheart... i am typing tooo fast...

    I have been driving very safe... Speedy I feel your'e my mom talking to me...LOL

    I'll drive safe all the time mom (speedy)... lol:p
  14. Yeah, I think he was having a bad day cause he was really mean to me. He kept saying "I can't believe you would pass a cop on the freeway, unbelievable." I was in the fast lane last in a line of cars when all of the sudden he moved behind me and turned on his lights. Oh well I guess, the ticket wasn't that expensive and the traffic school gets rid of the ticket. Still sucks though.
  15. Thats what i dont get... Why is every one i know, saying i should plead not guilty.... Ummm I am guilty i was speeding..LOL