I have CONVERTED to Hermes!


Beauty is Orange...
Jul 5, 2006
Hi! How exciting for you and I'm so glad your DH is not only supportive but being a willing player!
Here's my advice. Sit down. Take a deep breath. My wish for you is that you take this first amazing croc Birkin that's coming your way. Enjoy it for awhile. Then, work slowly on your list, but don't worry about setting goals of dates and such just yet.
While LV is great ( I used to collect as well) they are different animals than Hermes bags. Birkins (actually, all H bags) are hand made treasures. Many are one of a kind. The fun of buying them IS the hunt and the joy of getting the call that your bag has arrived at the store and watching your SA unwrap that orange box (which I call my Birkin CONDO - it's so huge!!.) They are meant to be savored and loved as heirlooms. I believe that there is more joy in this than racing to buy them all at once. (tempting, but trust me on this!!)
It's good to have a wish list to work from, but at this time, I wouldn't go to ebay just yet and pay that markup. If you have a good relationship with Hermes, use that as a starting point but don't act TOO eager right away. Show intrest in some other H items as you go along and you'll have much more luck!! :smile:
Also, have you ever carried a Birkin? They are wonderful but not ALWAYS the most practical bag to carry around all day. I have a 35 and it's my LOOOVE but the thing weighs a ton. YES, collect Birkins but I'd also allow yourself room to look at other Hermes bags that may be more practical for certain occasions. Of course, the Kelly - but also look at the Bolide, Plume and Trim.
These bags are French - and to me, buying them mirrors the French way of life in many ways.
Best of luck to you and be sure to show us pictures along the way.
Thank you so much for taking the time to explain things to me. I really do appreciate it. I had an idea that there was something...different about Hermes. Just by reading the threads here I can tell that all of these wonderful ladies had this type of passion, but patience as well. Maybe I am showing the "newbie" excitement. My DH stated that (by reading some of the threads together) it seemed that the purchases for Hermes was more...thoughtful, mature, and done with great satisfaction. He knows that I can have a very compulsive side (hence the LV collection). Savor the moment for each purse is probably the wise thing to do. Ok I'm calming down now.:P


Sep 7, 2006
I agree with everyone here about taking your time. You will learn more about what you like or dislike, different types of leather and colors, bag styles and sizes, as you buy and use each bag. Give yourself the time to get to know each bag and you will make your next selection with a lot more awareness.


Mar 28, 2006
iiving the dream
I think many people collect other types of bags before they buy Hermes. I sold my LV graffiti collection to finance my first (and only so far) birkin. I have been cultivating my relationship with my boutique and think I will be putting in an order in Feb. But as someone as said, as I have spent more time here, looking at everyone's collections and learning, etc., I am no longer sure that I want the color I was certain would be my next bag. I am reconsidering seriously. If you spend some time with your two new bags, and read, read, read here, I bet you might edit your wish list a bit.

Anyway, congrats on your new bags -- enjoy them.


Aug 23, 2006
Hi Simplyprincess

Can I suggest that you take a step back and ponder over why you would like to have so many birkins within a short period of time...
I ask this only because sometimes the collector instincts in us tend to drive us passionately to acquire things for the "sake of acquiring them".

Many of us here actually take the time to try on various bags, see the colors on various leathers, feel the leathers, talk to the Hermes SA, ponder about what bag, size, color etc would work for us.....I feel this would ultimately make your experience with the bags (and the process of getting them) more rewarding.....


Mar 14, 2006
New England
I really just want to welcome you over here and to reiterate what the others have said about slowing down, and learning about each bag slowly and loving what you have. I jumped in quickly myself and have sold several of my first purchases as I learned about the leathers, made other color choices, etc. Lucky you for having a supportive dh!! That's a good thing lol!!!


Seeking Simplicity
Mar 9, 2006
These bags are French - and to me, buying them mirrors the French way of life in many ways.
I love what you said Greentea and I completely agree with you.

I agree with the other ladies that you should take some time and really ponder your next purchase. You are starting of with the ultimate Birkin, enjoy it. Also, sometimes you can fall completely and totally in love with a bag after seeing it in pictures or other people carrying it but when you get your hands on it it isn't quite what it seems. Hermes bags are too expensive to make impulse buys. I have spent a lot of time looking at different bags and leathers and things that I have really liked from magazines and posts here (like the Paris Bombay) just weren't right for me when I finally saw them in person. Find a really good SA to work with and spend time getting to know Hermes and all they have to offer.


Mar 6, 2006
Welcome! I think everyone has given great advice and I agree there is a lot of fun to be had in the dreaming/contemplating/savoring. I waited about 10 or so years for my first H bag (Evelyne) and sometime next year I hope to get a JPG Kelly. I just keep dreaming of what color/hardware/what I'll wear it with. :love: Can't wait to see what you get!!! :yahoo:

Ms. Twilly

Aug 4, 2006
Welcome! Welcome! I actually remember reading your post in another thread about your loss of excitement regarding your bags so I'm glad you're feeling better! I don't have any better advice than has already been offered, just want you to know how glad we are that you're here!


The Garden of Secret
Mar 26, 2006
simplyprincess.. welcome to the H forum.. as far as your newly found interest with H goodies.. you will get so much info from the ladies here.. and hope that you get all the H bags that you want... I know I have tons on my list but gotta slow down for now... yes, patience is a virtue that I think one learns when one becomes interested in acquiring H bags....


Birkins Hunter
Jun 29, 2006
Oh I forgot...THANK YOU pinkish_love! I took your advice and looked at Hermes! I love it!
Oh i was away for a week and miseed ur thread.. I'm so happy you're excited about bags again :yahoo:

cant wait to see what u get.. enjoy shopping and enjoy................hermes:love:


Dec 9, 2006
The exact same thing happened to me.... i lost intrest in everything!!! all of a sudden i found my love!!!!! like all the others i also think u should wait n enjoy ur croco birkin before getting another one..... congrats on ur DH's support....