I have CONVERTED to Hermes!

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  1. Hello again! I must spread the good news. I was going through a time lately when I was not feeling the love for my purses. I must say that almost all of them were Louis Vuitton (59 Louis Vuittons, 1 Chanel). So after talking with my DH, we decided to get rid of the onces I havent used in a while (I posted a thread about this on the Bag & Purse forum). Well so far I got rid of 20 purses. DH has "paid" for the ones I given away (as presents to family members). The rest are currently selling at a cosignment boutique. So DH purchased a beautiful croc Birkin for one of my Christmas presents...I started to feel that thrill again...I wanted more. I expressed the DESIRE for Hermes to DH. He nodded, giving me that ohhh so knowing look. He concluded that maybe it was time to "upgrade". The deal is that I can keep no more then 30 Louis Vuitton purses and or luggage. If I get my current collection down then I can get 2!!! Yes 2!!!! Hermes before the end of the month! Soooo.....I made a "want list". If I do this right it should go as followed:

    December 22= White 30cm Birkin with gold HW, Orange 30cm Birkin with gold HW

    January 5=Blue jean 35cm Birkin (not sure the HW yet)

    January 19=Toile 35cm Birkin (not sure the HW)

    February 2=Carmel (sorry spelling) 30cm Birkin

    February 16=leather Garden Party tote, Canvas Garden party tote

    The leathers and HW are yet to be determined. I am on the hunt as of today! My godmother has a very good relationship with her boutique manager. I asked her to see if he can get me any of these WONDER Birkins. I am so excited that my heart is pounding! I found the love again! I spaced the purchases out so I can enjoy each one before I get another one. DH approves of the plan. But after February 16th I have to wait until my birthday to purchase more (October!!).

    What do you think??? Good plan? Space out alittle bit more? maybe get rid of alittle bit more LV's??

    I need to look at more BIRKINS!!!! Off to the References threads I go!
  2. Oh I forgot...THANK YOU pinkish_love! I took your advice and looked at Hermes! I love it!
  3. I'd probably sell more of the LV's.....keep ONLY the ones you just can not live without. And then apply that money to your budding Hermes addiction!

    The only problem I see with your "Want List" is.......where are the Kelly's?????

    Every good Hermes collection should contain one Kelly......THE quintessential Hermes bag (just my opinon.....don't fry me Lovers-Of-Birkins-Only).......:shame:
  4. LOL! Yes I DO love the Kelly. That is my "want list" for October 2007.LOL I actually want to do this in stages. Currently I have a "Birkin Buzz". But I know for sure that my current "want list" might change. If I can get my hands on the red croc Kelly that Star3777 has I would be soooo happy!
  5. OMG, did you say 59 LVs? Are there even that many styles?! You had a boutique!!:yes: Holy cow!
  6. LOL, yes. I've been collecting for a while. I think I overloaded with it though.
  7. Yes, it sounds like you've burned out on LV, Lol! Enjoy your new passion, Hermes... ;)
  8. Hi there,

    Where will you be getting all these bags from??

    For many of us the hunt is part of the Hermes thrill, you sound as if you have those bags already lined up and waiting for you.

    Personally I would try and spread it out more, I don't think that a new Birkin every two weeks gives you the opportunity to truly enjoy the feeling of owning each individual one.

    Just my 2 cents of course...
  9. I would sell most of the LVs to fund your list of Hermes bags. Only keep the ones you will truly use. I think your list is great. I hope you are able to acquire those bags according to your timeline. It is hard to get Birkins. I also think you should consider a Kelly and a Bolide. They are both great bags and will round out your collection. I wish you luck in your quest!
  10. Hello! No I dont have any of them "lined up". Well only 1 for sure. Actually I am on the hunt for the ones listed. My "want list" is just that, a "want list". My time frame may sound unrealastic, I might not even get what I want at the time that I want. But I did ask for your advice, see if I need to space them out and so on. I appreciate all advice and I really do take then seriously.

    Sadly I know that I might have to resort to Ebay to find what I want in the time frame that I stated. But again, I ask for advice...I dont want to make the same mistake that I made with all my Louis Vuitton purchases. I want to LOVE my Hermes.

    Thank you and I'll take your 2 cents:P
  11. Thank you so much! I know it maybe a good fight to get my Birkins. I do dread the fact that Ebay might be one of my options to look at. I am looking for recommended Ebay sellers, so I will be reading through all of H forum to make sure I dont make a mistake.

    Thanks for your advice,I think I might have to rethink my list!
  12. My honest opinion is to give it more time as your eye for Hermes will change with each new purchase. For instance, there are huge differences in the leathers Hermes uses and the colours come out differently with the different leathers. The longer you spend time with us here, the more you will 'feel' the desire for a particular bag and then start the hunt for it. Instead of being all over the place your vision of your next Hermes bag will become more focused.
  13. Your are the voice of reason that I needed to hear.:smile: So what do you think about a White 30cm togo Birkin with gold HW? My godmother has this waiting for me (actually she purchased it, I have to pay her back.LOL)
  14. Hi! How exciting for you and I'm so glad your DH is not only supportive but being a willing player!
    Here's my advice. Sit down. Take a deep breath. My wish for you is that you take this first amazing croc Birkin that's coming your way. Enjoy it for awhile. Then, work slowly on your list, but don't worry about setting goals of dates and such just yet.
    While LV is great ( I used to collect as well) they are different animals than Hermes bags. Birkins (actually, all H bags) are hand made treasures. Many are one of a kind. The fun of buying them IS the hunt and the joy of getting the call that your bag has arrived at the store and watching your SA unwrap that orange box (which I call my Birkin CONDO - it's so huge!!.) They are meant to be savored and loved as heirlooms. I believe that there is more joy in this than racing to buy them all at once. (tempting, but trust me on this!!)
    It's good to have a wish list to work from, but at this time, I wouldn't go to ebay just yet and pay that markup. If you have a good relationship with Hermes, use that as a starting point but don't act TOO eager right away. Show intrest in some other H items as you go along and you'll have much more luck!! :smile:
    Also, have you ever carried a Birkin? They are wonderful but not ALWAYS the most practical bag to carry around all day. I have a 35 and it's my LOOOVE but the thing weighs a ton. YES, collect Birkins but I'd also allow yourself room to look at other Hermes bags that may be more practical for certain occasions. Of course, the Kelly - but also look at the Bolide, Plume and Trim.
    These bags are French - and to me, buying them mirrors the French way of life in many ways.
    Best of luck to you and be sure to show us pictures along the way.
  15. It's stunning. But do a search for white Bags here on the board. There is trouble with color transfer with jeans and the bag WILL yellow over time. If you use this only once in awhile, maybe as a summer "party bag" it would be amazing. :yes: :yes: :yes: