I have converted someone to B-bags!

  1. So I gave the Marron 04 Weekender bag to my BF's mom and she LOVES it:yahoo:

    I also showed her my Emerald Courier
    and she loved the color and is convinced my bag is bigger so now she wants one too! She said if she couldn't get that, then she'll get either an Emerald bag or a Courier or maybe even both! She already has 2 B-bags within 7 days (She bought a Truffle City at NM when we went to SF while she was waiting for the Marron to arrive)

    I'm so excited for her!! :wlae:

    One of us! One of us!:P

    I bet she'll never buy another Gucci or Coach bag again!
  2. great story, i love it!
  3. I thought I loved the Gucci Blondie, and then I bought my first B-Bag. Now I'm planning to sell my Blondies to buy more Balenciagas!
  4. That is awesp,e!! I'm so glad you can find someone who appreciates the bags as much as you do. Good thing I have tPF!
  5. thats very sweet of you.....
  6. I'm not surprised...that marron Weekender you gave her was TDF!
    She didn't have a chance ;)