I have cash to spend, but what should it be on??

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  1. SO i have about 600 bucks, that i am dedicated to LV acessories. I dont need a new bag...(i know did i just say that? haha) becaus ei just bought my Noe a couple weeks ago and honestly now that i started school again the only place i visit are classes and the library!!!!

    SOOOOOOOOOOO tell me, what would YOU buy? I could probably get another couple hundred if needed...but i would like to stay at about 600 because i just have to get that tiffanys book mark and keychain and a credit card holder from chanel hehe! My mom is coming here in June so ill be able to buy more expensive goodies then (wohoo for a school tote!!)

    BUT WHAT NOW??? I have a gucci planner that i adore, and a wallet thats perfect for my needs...im not big on necklaces, but love braclets! I was thinking the pochette but i have a similar one like that but its by gucci....

    AHHH HELP! i want to buy something, but i just dont know what :'( arhhhhh dont u just hate that?!?!

    btw again my mom said absolutly NO handbags!!! :crybaby:

    HELP!!! btw its my bday today so be nice to me ;) haha :smile: thankssssssssssss again!
  2. How about the new sweet monogram jewelry? It's very cute!!! Or some bag charms......again, very cute! BTW, have a happy birthday!!!
  3. How about a scarf for your noe and an inclusion bracelet.
  4. A scarf would be great for your noe!!!!
  5. Hey Happy birthday!! I think you should get the sweet mono hoops. and the LVoe phone charm, it is so cute and throw in the LVoe bandeau. Or more Gucci:graucho:
  6. Happy birthday! :woohoo:

    You should get some bracelets/rings/earrings from the Sweet Monogram Jewelry range since you don't really want/need a bag.
  7. happy B day! suggestions:

    bijoux fantasies
    RTW: I LOVE the silver one piece swimsuit (as seen on Kim Kardashian) and it's only 450$, however what really bothers me is its symmetry....cuz it's really off....

    PS: i like the way you write, it's really cute lol :P
  8. Happy Birthday!!
  9. thanks guys,..u guys are so sweet! :smile:

    I love the idea of a scarf for my noe...but i already have the LVoe one...are there cute new ones out there??? i was thinking of being REALLY crazy funky and putting a multicolor scarf in the monogram noe and getting the matching mini mini mini baby speedy (i can pass that off as an accessory not a purs hahaha)...both of them in the white monogram?!?

    I think it would look really crazy funky...but some people think its over kill

    butttt i think its fun!!! what do u guys think? i just think itll make my noe POP!
  10. ^Great list, Ceciia!:flowers:

    A scarf for your Noe would definitely be nice!
  11. anyone have the swimsuit...sounds cute!!!!

    scarf hmmm i can do that what else what else!
  12. Happy bday!
    How about inclusion stuff like the little Speedy key rings or a ring or bracelet?
    Vernis cles?
    LVOE phone charm
    pastilles charm bracelet (I want that!)
  13. Happy Birthday, well Im not good with accessories, so Ill let the experts in that subject matter help you out!
  14. Happy Birthday!!
    Go for inclusion bracelet on new color amarante :tup:
  15. ohhhhhhhhhhh can you wear the pastilles as a charm braclet?? thats the one thats called the bag charm right??? CAN U WEAR it as one???

    OH WOW OH WOW!! maybe ill get that then and the mini speedy (should i get the mongram or the MC??) hmmm im getting excited guys!
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