I have breast tenderness, should I be worried about P?

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  1. I just got back from visiting the SO a week or so ago (long distance relationship). Some of you may remember I didn't want my period while I was visiting so per the courteous advice of friends and tPFers, I skipped my placebo pills and began the next packet of pills right away (Yasmine). We still practiced with drawl as a back up method but thats not 100%. And there was one day I was a few hours late taking one pill and maybe about an hour or 2 laate for two more pills.Now, I'm beginning the 3rd week of that packet... so 7 more days of active pills and then I start 7 days of placebo white pills.

    A few days ago, I noticed breast tenderness. I still ahve it. I always thought you only get that immediately prior to your period. It seems I felt breast tenderness a bit in advance. I feel paranoid and am a bit worried.

    I know when I wasnt on birthcontrol, I would be "safe" as long as I go my period that month. Now that I'm on it, does it work the same way in that I'll be safe if I get my period when it is expected in a week? Or do the pills manupulate my hormones so I'll still get my period even if im "insert P word"?
  2. because you skipped your placebo pills for the first time, your hormone cycle may be a tad out-of-sync with how it normally is, so i wouldn't worry based on that symptom alone. i get random breast tenderness occassionally, it can be from a variety of hormonal changes, and i'm fairly certain that altering how you take your birth control would probably be enough to cause a little bit of it.
  3. Agree with Amanda, that is a big change to make to your hormone cycle so I'd say it was that.

    I am pregnant now (due in just over 2 weeks) & one of hte first things that alerted me to it was extremely sore breasts. Much worse than just pre-period breasts & it just never went away. They were so sore I just wanted to wrapped them up in cotton wool. This went on for well in excess of 6 weeks. So if the pain is subsiding or worse at different times of the day, I would say its just the hormane changes.
    Don't fret about it, & if you're still really sore in an other couple of days, take a test. You'll be fine though, I'm sure.
  4. it most likely due to the hormone change in your body since you changed up how you take your pills. don't worry i've been a couple of hours late taking them and all is fine.
  5. ^ Thanks everyone for the reassurance!! *hugs*. Things like this really worry me sometimes!
  6. Just wait it out and see... hormones are funny. They can act differently at different times for different reasons. You can get an early reader preg test if it will make you feel better :heart:
  7. I agree not to worry too much at this point. There are LOTS of reasons a woman would get breast tenderness so I wouldn't automatically think pregnancy just yet!!
  8. I'm sure you are fine, and not PG.
    Like one of the other pps, very sore breasts were my first PG symptom.

    Oh, and I got PG on Yasmin, so it does happen.
  9. if I understood right you just got back right? when I found out I was pregnant it was well after the actual 'event' and only then I experienced any other problems like breast tenderness. it could well be your hormones playing up with the change in birth control.
  10. Don't worry. I was just like you a week ago, I got the symptoms like breast tenderness (pain) and tiredness after I switched to a new brand pill. I was all freaked out about this, and went to see my GP. Luckily, it was just the hormone change since I switched my pills.
  11. I agree...don't worry. When you double up on your pill packets that can happen...you also may find that you have breakthrough bleeding while you are still finishing your last week of pills.
  12. Oh, I'm wondering the same thing. I know some people don't get their period the first month during the placebo pills...if that happens, how do you know if you're not pregnant?
  13. ^^ get a pregnant test, if its neg, you are safe.
  14. ^ Your so right! I just experienced some break through bleeding. 2 more days of yellow pills before I hit the white placebo pills.

    Thanks everyone for your help! I feel a lot better. Tenderness is gone! Just waiting for my period in a few days. I feel like I havent had it forever though in reality, I just skipped having it once by taking 2 pill packs back-to-back.