I have been waiting FedEx guy all day and guess who is coming at 3 PM ??!!

  1. Okay, I have been waiting for FedEx guy all day long, I know that they are often late but they should be here today based on the track no I got. I was nervous totally all day :sweatdrop: and just around 3 PM, when I was running around catching my toddler son so he can goes to nap time :ninja:, I saw the FedEx vehicle in front of the house :yahoo: I was too damn happy and exciting about what he will bring me :wlae::yahoo:.....It was a big dirty shipping box
  2. So, I open the package immediately and there were 2 boxes inside one plastic bag
    P1010500.JPG P1010501.JPG
  3. Let me guess, is it some thing in Marigold?:graucho:
  4. Each box wrapped nicely with AR paper tissue with Balenciaga written nicely on middle of each boxes.
  5. jaune twiggy and violet city???
  6. So, I was just open the first box
    P1010504.JPG P1010505.JPG
  7. TWO BOXES - This is real wickedness!!!!!!!!
  8. hurry, hurry....
  9. Please be nice and show us! :drool:
  10. Here is what is popping out from the first Balenciaga box with green paper tissue : Twiggy Jaune. The color is really not as bright as I was hoping to be, but the leather is very nice, thick and smooshy and sooo distressed evenly:nuts::love:...
    P1010506.JPG P1010507.JPG P1010508.JPG
  11. Love it!
  12. I am correct on one now. What's the other one? violet city?
  13. Not bright? Looks pretty d*mn bright to me!!!! Super bag!

    Come on - show the other one - it is past midnight here and I have to go to bed!
  14. CONGRATS!!!!! LOve it!!! Enjoy her the jaune twiggy is great choice
  15. Although I am not sure if the color works well with me, but I just soooo damn love the leather :tup::nuts::wlae:....The SA at AR was very nice and choose the best leather for this one.....So, I decided to look the other box and open it