I have been very very bad!

  1. So, I have just started to :heart: Marc Jacobs. I bought a topaz stam on sale from Saks (this was my second try at the stam) and decided that it was not for me. So, I sent it back. Then, thanks to all of you lovely ladies, I read about all of the deals at Norrstroms Rack. So . . . I called around on Sunday and managed to track down a Berry Blake which I LOVE :heart::heart::heart:. I was a little bit nervous about whether or not I would be getting the blake (phone description was a little sketchy) but I lucked out!!! Then, I couldn't resist this gorgeous spearmint Multipocket on eBay. I have been wanting a turquoise bag forever . . . and I ordered a Bordeaux Blake from shoptwigs that should get here today. The color has looked gorgeous in all of the pictures I have seen on here. Although I am on the fence about the gold hardware until I see it IRL. I figure since Berry and Spearmint have Spring and Summer covered, I definitely need a Bordeaux for Fall and Winter! I have always loved Balenciaga, and although MJ bags aren't as light, they have the gorgeous unusual color thing going on that I love as well as being casual and practical. I am getting rid of all of my LV stuff to fund MJ and feel GREAT about it. So . . . here are my new Berry and Spearmint. Bordeaux pics to come when I get it!


  2. They are fabulous! I saw the berry Blake at my NR and was tempted, but I went home with another MJ instead - a multipocket actually! Your spearmint one is lovely.
  3. Wow, I love the berry Blake. I'm not sure if the multipocket is my style but I love that color!
  4. Very nice, good work finding those.
  5. congrats~! i was wondering who got the spearmint multipockets from eBay the other night. so glad is you who got her! :flowers:

    oh gosh... i think this is "THE TIME" for us to do our overhauling on MJ purses. right, ladies? hehe~

    so many bags and so little money (refer to myself -lol)... :upsidedown::sneaky: there are so many good deals around us at this moment, so hard to make decision!
  6. Congrats! Those colors are beautiful!!
  7. congrats! great bags!!
  8. i love the colors! congrats! i think you've already started to find out that MJ bags are addictive. :lol:
  9. You've spent your money well! Congratulations on your spectacular bags!
  10. Awesome bags! I think spearmint may just be my all-time favorite MJ color!
  11. Awesome bags!! You have started a great MJ collection with your purchases! Congrats!!!
  12. Great choices! I love those styles and colors!
  13. Thanks everyone! I have already used them both and am loving them. They are a nice departure from my usual brands:yes:.
  14. Congrats on two very pretty bags! I too have sold off most of my LV to grow my MJ collection and have not regretted it one bit! For some reasion MJ is even more addictive!!
  15. These are fabulous! I love the colors that you've gotten. I can't wait to see both your blakes side by side. Congrats!