I have been to Shepton Mallet & came back with ......

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  1. My DD was in a badminton tournament at Bristol today, so I took the opportunity to visit Shepton Mallet. The first bag I picked up was a lemon soft grain Roxanne which was marked as damaged. I checked with the SA who pointed out a small graze in the leather on one of the pockets and a small amount of discolouration on the same pocket.

    I kept the bag with me while I was browsing. The same SA came up to me & asked if I was interested in Roxannes in any other colours. I have been lusting after an oak Roxanne but did not expect one to come up at an outlet. She came back with an oak Roxanne, again marked as damaged. The damage was dappling to the leather on the back (similar to water marks if not sprayed with Colloni & a small biro mark on the inside flap).

    With both items in hand I went to the till to check the price of the lemon Roxanne as it did not have a price on it & to my surprise & the SA's surprise, both items were reduced by 50% on the marked price so for just over £350 I got both Roxannes. :woohoo:

    Just had to have another look before leaving and spotted a small Roxanne vinyl tote - again half marked price with a very small amount of damage on one of the corners - I couldn't find it - it took the eagle eyes of my DD to spot it.

    As I was leaving the SA was putting out a black Roxy and a choc Roxy but I did not see how much they were.

    All in all a very successful day out. The only down side is that I now have to postpone the Mitzy Tote until I have replenished my bag fund.

    Looking forward to taking oak Roxy to work tomorrow. :yahoo:
  2. Oh what a great haul Stanny!!! You must have had a fab day!! Please post pics asap!!
  3. Wow .... pics please ....
  4. Two Roxannes for that price? I think you got the deal of the decade! Congrats :smile:
  5. Oh the lemon sounds lovely.
    I always regret not buying the lemon Bays I toyed over last summer at £197!
  6. Wow, great buys Stanny - congrats! And yes you must post pics. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!!
  7. Wow- what fantastic bargains!!!!
  8. I will take photos in the daylight tomorrow afternoon when I get back from work.
  9. Wow, you did so well, two Roxy's, lucky you!!!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures, especially of the lemon, that sounds sooo pretty!!
  10. Will check for pics tomorrow first thing when I get back from work.
  11. Great bargain hunting and how good of the SA to draw your attention to the Oak Roxy:tup:

    Can't wait to see the pics!
  12. Amazing bargains :tup: Looking forward to pics!
  13. Sounds Brilliant !!

    I love it when somebody gets a bargain !!

    Look forwards to seeing some pictures x
  14. Wow, fantastic bargains! That's my kind of shopping trip!!

    Congrats and enjoy! Pics please when you have a chance.....
  15. Wow fab bags at fab prices - looking forward to the pics.