I have been sooo GOOD I really really HAVE

  1. I've been so good not buying some of those really inexpensive firsts (my fav style) for $650 etc - I DO NOT need a white, I DO NOT need a rose (I sold my box a while back) - no MATTER how CHEAP I do NOT need another hobo. Its been very hard though.

    I'm holding out for a GREY first that I think will complete <STRIKE>me</STRIKE> my collection:
    olive hobo
    bordeaux first
    mini teal

    and THEN BAM! came across this:

    eBay: RARE!! 100% AUTHENTIC BALENCIAGA FIRST BAG in PEWTER 05 (item 200043721516 end time Nov-03-06 05:36:00 PST)

  2. congrats!!!! i love pewter first. i have one and it's great.
  3. good girl, you've been way better than me or decophile has been thats for sure!
  4. It's sold...rocco did you get it?
  5. Congratulations, that is a beautiful bag. It is so hard to show any restraint when these bags pop up!
  6. Yes, that's me :smile::smile: I'm going to QUIT looking (for awhile!) Is that silver hardware???
  7. Its like my FAVORITE passtime - searching for balenciaga How many times a day do I do it?? First thing I do (even before reading the news or checking MY OWN auctions!)
  8. Girl, if I'd only seen it first (no pun intended) you wouldn't be in suct a predicament!
  9. It's gorgeous - congrats!
  10. Oh man, it's gorgeous! you caved in to the right kind of temptation :yes:
  11. slinks - my thoughts exactly :winkiss:
  12. Great minds think alike ;)
  13. hey rocco you've done a GREAT job on holding out BUT wow! LOVE the pewter!!! congrats!
  14. Okay, that is the PERFECT color for a first IMO (day to night, excellent) ! congrats :smile: :wlae:
  15. Rocco congrats! Pewter is one of my favorite Balenciaga colors and that was such a great deal! :heart: :love: And yes that is shiny silver hardware, not tarnished at all. It is soo pretty! Congrats!