I have been sidetracked

  1. Hello All!

    I really want to start my LV luggage collection, but I saw this deal that I could not pass:wacko: . I bought a Fox Trimmed Terrida Keepall from Loehmann's (its bonus coupon time!!!!). It retails at about the same price of the LV Keepall, but I thought that this was really classy and different.

    What do you guys think???? Thanks for the input.;)
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg
  2. A bit strange for me. I suppose it would be nice for winter travel. Also, I wish it had a jumbo #10 brass zipper like Vuitton Keepalls.
  3. You are right. I can only carry it in the fall/winter.
  4. To be honest, I think the LV is a better deal. Please don't take this the wrong way, but the fur is a bit fake looking. I'm not good with fox fur, though. I've only seen mink and sable in person.
  5. I'm taking it back and getting the LV.

    This is why I need you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Good idea. It scares me.
  7. Good choice. You'll like the LV better.
  8. You guys are WAY too funny.
  9. EW sorry, I don't like carrying around animal flesh with me.
  10. Ditto. :amazed:
  11. DEF. get the LV. lol.
  12. LV all the way!
  13. Yay for LV [​IMG]
  14. Well at least it'll keep you warm during the cold winter and you can even PET it! :lol:

    But I'll pick the LV instead.
  15. Totally the LV. All I see is dead multiple tails dangling on the bag. :sad2:
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